The Prospect airgel materials from thermal insulation properties

  • at 1:18 on December 13, Beijing Chaoyang a fire from the building five people were killed and nine injured.
  • December 1 at 4 pm, Hexi District, a building caught fire, leaving a total of 10 people were killed and five people were injured.
  • November 18 18 am, Beijing Daxing District Xihongmen the new village, Auspicious edge the apartment fire, the accident has killed 19 people were killed and eight people were injured, the victims, there are eight children .
  • September 25 00 am, Yuhuan City Tamaki Street fire houses, a total of 11 people were killed and two seriously injured.
  • at 17:26 on February 5, Zhejiang Tiantai Chicheng streets Chunxiao Road, Xin Tong foot foot store fire. Fire caused a total of 18 people were killed and 18 wounded.
  • ……

each year because casualties and property losses caused by heavy fire, recalling the reasons for these major fires, mostly due to the external wall insulation materials PU material electrical fire caused by burning or substandard insulation materials caused by combustion. Fire prevention, in addition to good fire and safety inspections, etc., but also from the source to block the spread of fire. Thus, the development of high performance thermal insulation material used in building construction delay.

New insulation materials – aerogels

Currently, the domestic market insulation materials are mainly two kinds of inorganic insulating material and an organic insulating material. The inorganic insulating material predominantly inorganic fibers and cotton-based inorganic foam heat insulating material, such high density materials, thermal insulation performance difference, laying thick, it is difficult to fire performance standards. The thermal conductivity and the refractive index of the airgel material is very low, it can withstand 1000 ℃ flame injection, known as \”magic material to change the world.\” Because of its extremely excellent insulation properties, very promising in the field of thermal insulation.

airgel can withstand 1000 ℃ flame injection

airgel, English name \”Airgel\”, meaning \”fly gel.\” By constructing a conventional gel formed and then removed by supercritical fluid drying. Its high porosity, low thermal conductivity characteristics it has good material properties: lightweight, strong, heat insulating temperature.

  • ultralight: 80% airgel itself99.8% stored in gaseous form, it is capable of doing human lightest produced amorphous solid material, density of only 3mg / cm3. It referred to as \”frozen smoke\” and \”fifth state of matter.\”


  • Strong: Although airgel seemingly fragile, but it has amazing properties – durable, able to withstand more than 1,000 times its own mass pressure.


  • adiabatic temperature: high porosity aerogels so small heat transfer, thermal conductivity and a very low refractive index, can withstand 1000 ℃ flame injection even if you touch it in the back of the hand or the match will not be something on top.


Preparation of a silica airgel pressure drying

in terms of the classification, airgel carbon airgel, airgel sulfur, metal oxide aerogels and It was airgel. But from a combination of factors in terms of preparation costs, undoubtedly the most widely used silica airgel. Prepared from the method of speaking, airgel mainly composed of sol – gel process and post-process composition. Sol – gel process refers to a compound in the solution (generally an organic solution) was hydrolyzed condensed glue, and then removing the solvent to form a gel. Postprocessing means sol – gel after polymerization, after aging, anti-cracking and drying steps to obtain a series of unique properties airgel. 从保温隔热性能看气凝胶材料的发展前景

airgel process

initial airgel post treatment using a supercritical drying method; late 1990s, with the emergence of atmospheric drying, normal pressure drying more and more people Preparation of airgel method. Orthosilicate (TEOS) as the precursor of silicon aerogels prepared using atmospheric drying process airgel prepared as follows: 从保温隔热性能看气凝胶材料的发展前景

Application of airgel material in thermal insulation and

because airgel has a very good thermal insulation properties, so it is a lot of alternative scenarios for traditional materials, all related to the application of temperature isolation, will want to use this material in building insulation, pipe insulation industry, automotive insulation, textile insulation, insulation and other other military and civilian insulation sector airgel materials are expected mettle art. For different applications, aerogels variety of forms. Currently, gas condensatePlastic products airgel powder, airgel mat, cloth airgel, airgel and airgel coating slurry and the like. 从保温隔热性能看气凝胶材料的发展前景 Initially, due to the high cost of raw materials airgel, expensive equipment, supercritical drying and low coefficient of safety shortcomings, limiting the industrial and large-scale application of airgel material, which can only lead to the aerospace, military and other high-end use. With the deepening of the study of atmospheric drying preparation process, reduce the cost of producing airgel materials, airgel product output increased. Today airgel material gradually focused electron and new energy fields. Fire prevention insulation currently in Beijing on a number of double-electric buses, airgel materials have been used in the battery compartment. In industrial pipe insulation, the airgel products have begun to use. 从保温隔热性能看气凝胶材料的发展前景

airgel mat oil pipeline application

in the construction field, despite the high cost limits their airgel large-scale use, but have airgel insulation blankets, airgel insulation coating airgel insulation products on the market and other applications. Airgel future applications in architecture focused on four areas of energy-saving windows and doors, building pipelines, walls and roof coatings. I believe that with further advances and lower cost of technology, the future will be widely used in construction industry airgel insulation field, reduce the fire hazard, to provide more protection for the personal and property safety.