The researchers created a shape memory airgel having rubber-like elasticity

Polymerization Aerogels is a combination of some of the best material properties of nanoporous structure material, such as flexibility and mechanical strength. For this the world\’s most cutting-edge lightweight materials, further improve the material properties of the material itself is almost impossible. However, chemists from the Missouri University of Science and Technology, the preparation of airgel has been rubber-like elasticity, can have a \”shape memory.\” Aerogels are replaced by a liquid solvent with silica, a metal oxide or a polymer gel generated gas. All kinds of insulation materials are available in a variety of products, the use of heat insulation material from undersea oil pipelines to the NASA space missions. \”We created a particular type of polyurethane airgel super flexible, which means they can be crushed after bending in any direction or, still return to its original shape.\” Chemistry professor at Missouri University of Science and Technology Project Lead researcher Dr. Nicholas Leventis representation. \”Our super flexible airgel is different from that of rubber, can follow the instructions as they return to a specific shape, that is, showed a strong shape memory, which means that they are deformed and after cooling, can never maintaining the deformed shape. \”\” However, when the temperature is returned to room temperature, they return to its original undeformed shape. concept is not new shape memory effect of shape memory alloy and polymer have been known many years ago, but shape memory airgel material is lightweight yet to be developed in the field of .Leventis and his team can simulate coordinated muscle function \”bionic hand\” by shaping, showing the unique nature of this airgel such gas flexible gel hand can grab a pencil .Levantis said: \”we believe that this work has produced a \’holy grail\’ in the field of airgel. We will see many of these applications bionic future airgel, their flexibility and elasticity combined, greatly improving the scope of their possible use. \”