The sophomores eat crayfish made a TOP journal articles First District!

Unconsciously, eat crayfish season went to the …… But recently, more than eat crayfish, new agricultural realistic and experimental class, Zhejiang Agriculture and Forestry University 2018 undergraduates Jiang Xinyue and other internationally renowned journal \”fish class shellfish Immunology \”(\” Fish & shellfish Immunology \”, IF = 3.21, CAS a region (TOP Journal)) to crayfish for the study , published online an article entitled \”feeding Sargassum powder can improve the survival rate Procambarus shrimp white spot syndrome virus infection\” Dietary Hizikia fusiforme enhance survival of white spot syndrome virus infected crayfish Procambarus clarkii papers. Jiang Xinyue first author, to move instructor Zhu Fei Branch beginning medical school. 这个大二本科生吃小龙虾发了篇一区TOP期刊! As the temperature continues to rise, and now the best time to taste the crayfish, delicious crayfish often let the \”eat goods\” are salivating, unable to stop. Crayfish, also known as Procambarus clarkii , freshwater shrimps, because of miscellaneous eating habits, fast growing, adaptable, it has become an important economic farmed species. Although crayfish strong environmental adaptability, small ditch at the roadside can grow very well, but it also afraid of viruses, once the viruses, there will be all kinds of crayfish disease. As every year in late April to May, regular outbreaks of crayfish \”May the plague\”, is likely to cause huge losses to shrimp farmers, affecting farming income. How to effectively regulate the innate immune crayfish, and enhance their anti-virus capabilities, has been trying to directions of scientific research personnel crayfish research. 这个大二本科生吃小龙虾发了篇一区TOP期刊! After in-depth study of more than six months, new agricultural realistic and experimental class, Zhejiang Agriculture and Forestry University, 2018 undergraduate students and instructors Zhu Fei Jiang Xinyue found , hijiki can adjust the crayfish innate immunity enhancedAnti-virus capabilities. hijiki is not only a good source of dietary fiber, and can enhance the immune system. This paper studies analyzed the Sargassum powder protein VP28 of White Spot Syndrome Virus in Procambarus clarkii replication in vivo expression of immune genes and three immune parameters: total blood count, affecting phenol oxidase and superoxide dismutase activity, It showed that addition of a suitable amount of powder in hijiki normal diet can increase the survival rate of infected Procambarus shrimp white spot syndrome virus. Studies suggest that Sargassum powder has potential commercial use, both in terms of treatment or prevention, can regulate innate immunity and protection against Procambarus shrimp white spot syndrome virus infection. 这个大二本科生吃小龙虾发了篇一区TOP期刊! Jiang Xinyue other students from the first year to enter the laboratory study, has been carrying out research projects and graduate students Fei Zhu together under the guidance of teachers. \”in almost a year into the lab time, experiential learning from senior senior sister apprentice to follow, to slowly can experiment with autonomy, I gradually felt the science really is not a simple task, in addition to the completion of a series of operation, after a long waiting. sometimes the results does not make you satisfied, \’experimental abuse me a thousand times, but I love such experiments\’, but just stick to it, I believe there will be good results. \”Jiang Xin Wyatt says gratefully, \”thanks schools provide such a good platform and conditions, thanks to the guidance of instructors and senior senior sister apprentice, I will redouble our efforts to strive for greater achievements.\” paper did not hold out? To no longer eat crayfish dish look for inspiration? 这个大二本科生吃小龙虾发了篇一区TOP期刊! papers address: https: //