The total investment of 500 million yuan airgel base project officially settled in Changzhou National High-tech Zone

July 9, with a total investment of 500 million yuan Aerogels base project officially settled in Changzhou National High-tech Zone. Airgel, also known as dry gel, are widely used in aerospace, medicine, construction and other new material. Aerogels are made the most promising super insulation materials; ideal acoustic delay or high temperature soundproofing material ; can be applied to new catalysts and catalyst support square; a is an ideal material for adsorbing pollutants in water; It can be applied to the field of energy storage. The joint project includes a production base, a number of industrial projects, a development fund and a research institute. Which by the airgel production base in Changzhou Hongda Technology Development Zone, Riverside economic development, will build the largest production base of raw materials, airgel, the scale of production 30,000 cubic meters, a total investment of 500 million yuan, annual output value of 1 billion yuan, tax 100 million yuan. Airgel industrialization projects airgel production base for the foundation, integrating a variety of resources, incubators, training and the introduction of new materials application airgel industrial projects located in Changzhou Binjiang Economic Development Zone. The first project for the industrial appliances airgel insulation board project, Jiangsu Reilly motor (70% of total shares) and Hongda Technology (accounting for 30% of shares) joint investment. The project has been developed to test the product. Base and strive to introduce more than 10 industrial projects in the airgel about five years, of which three to five projects securitized through direct or indirect way, to achieve annual output value of 10 billion yuan, tax 1 billion yuan. Meanwhile, Changzhou High-tech Zone and the Shenzhen Wo & P Capital jointly set up a new airgel materials industry development fund. Fund size of two billion yuan, the first phase of 500 million yuan. In addition, when conditions are ripe will join the CAS Institute of Chemistry and other domestic research institutions to build the Changzhou Institute of Riverside Economic Development Zone airgel industry.