The wisdom of clean energy system heating pipe network airgel insulation materials and prefabricated tenders

According to \”People\’s Republic of China Bidding Law\” and relevant laws and regulations, Beijing International Electric Engineering Co., Ltd. by the Beijing Huayuan Co., Ltd. entrusted heat pipe network, is now in Beijing Huayuan Co., Ltd. wisdom Beijing heat pipe network FBD clean energy systems heating pipe network aerogels insulating material and prefabricated purchasing public tender. Specific tender are as follows: First, the tender information: 1, the legal person: Beijing Huayuan Co., Ltd. heat pipe 2, Project Name: Beijing Lize financial business district wisdom of clean energy system heating pipe network airgel insulation materials and prefabricated 3 procurement, funding sources: self government investment + 4, project Overview: project name: Beijing Lize financial business district wisdom of clean energy system heating pipe network airgel insulation materials and prefabricated project address: FBD 5, tender: airgel insulation materials and prefabricated, Detailed specifications, see tender documents 6, bidder qualifications (1) the bidder must be an independent legal entity registered in the territory of people\’s Republic of China. In the country should have three years or more of experience in production and management; (2) the bidder have the relevant documents and inspection records ISO9000 series of quality assurance system certification and other national requirements; (3) the bidder has a right to an independent contract and good ability to perform the contract; (4) the bidder has a good bank credit and business reputation, without having been ordered to suspend business, property was taken over, freeze, bankruptcy status; (5) the bidder has a good financial position, with an independent audit agency audit over the last three years of financial statements for the fiscal year, as well as bank credit certificate issued; (6) the bidder should have a national industry and compulsory certification of production equipment and license tender documents; (7) the tender product in the industry with grade supplier performance and the performance of safe and stable operation of not less than three, must provide a copy of the contract performance and user reports and other supporting information; (8) the bidder can not be other bidders as subcontractors also participate in the tender; two and two enterprises above the legal representative for the same natural person\’s affiliates or parent has any relationship with, a wholly-owned subsidiary and its holding company, shall also participate in the bidding. The tender does not accept domestic brand insulation materials agents, agents of imported brands acceptable, to accept the tender consortium. Second, the applicationAnd the tender process: 1, Registration energy tenders in Beijing online, please tender applicant in February 12, 2015 – according to the following steps for registration matters before at 16 o\’clock on February 16th. (Tender applicants must complete the online registration and enrollment, otherwise the registration is invalid!) Step one: Log \”Beijing Energy Network bidding\” (, according to the site requires registration is completed, wait system approval. (Audit Contact: Yao Xinxin Tel: 88993339-8622) Step two: until the system through the audit, log in and complete the online self-registration for the program and registration information upload (compressible packing) matters. After review by the tenderer will be prompted to register success. Step three: Registration ends, until tender documents will be opened to download, please log bidders themselves and download. Note (1): \”Beijing Energy Network bidding,\” the Company recruit the only window to the outside bid management system platform is very important, will be directly related to the various stages of the bidding process of the whole matter, the tender applicants through user self-registration name, password sign-on system can be implemented online registration, download tender documents, pre-treatment standard clarify, receive various tender notice and receipt, etc., fail to register will affect enrollment. ) Note (2): initial registration of a user name and password, to remind all enterprises pay attention to storage, no need to register again after the bidding activities of other projects, related to the bidding process directly after login. Note (3): All registration information electronically must be truthful and accurate, tender applicant responsible for the authenticity of the information provided, or they will be dealt with severely. Note (4): If the applicant is determined bidders have previously registered, you can log in using the original account registration, no need to register again. Note (5): Website registration in case of problems Check the \”Home → → Download Center Help\” in the relevant document or website technical service phone 010-57733102. Note (6): The registration information sent by the registration template to fill in electronic form to the mailbox:, the title of the message must be sent in the following registration form: \”(full name registration units) companies involved (you sign up number of tenders / device name) registration \”, if any doubt tender, but also send messages to this mailbox. Third, the purchase of tender documents time and manner: tenderThe applicant through the \”Beijing Energy Network bidding\” OS buffet complete the online purchase, upload documents via wire transfer after passing the examination can directly download tender documents. (See website Help Center Operations Guide, in case of problems, consult handle) Fourth, Contact Contact: Liu Pu Li Xiangfeng Address: Quang Ninh Road, Shijingshan District, Beijing, No. 10 Tel: 010-88993339 turn 843,713,754,891,504 (only supported receive text messages) E-mail: huayuantoubiao@126.COM Note: you have any questions please send an email to tender this mailbox. Fifth, the opening time: TBD Six, Bid Opening Location: Beijing