The world\’s first plastic bottle made of airgel

According to foreign media reports, recently, Hai Minh Duoong Associate Professor Nhan Phan-Thien and from the National University of Singapore (NUS) led the team developed a very practical can be made of plastic products airgel [123 ] cheap method. For example, when coated with various methylene compound, it can more effectively absorb the spilled oil than other commercial adsorbent material. In addition it can be used as thermal insulation of buildings or soundproofing material , or as a filter to capture dust particles on the mask and carbon dioxide reusable. In addition, researchers are surface modification treatment of such material, so that it can capture the carbon monoxide and other toxic gases. But its best use is to play the role of protective insulation on the firefighter\’s jacket, this material can withstand temperatures up to 620 degrees Celsius – according to NUS to say, this may be the equivalent of seven times the traditional insulation materials. However, the weight of this airgel was only about 10% of the latter, but it is more soft and flexible. Now, NUS has applied for a patent for this technology and are looking for industrial partners in turn commercialize. Related research reports have been published in \”Colloids andSurfaces A\”.