These packaged \”black technology\”, you know?

As packaging technology R & D and innovation platform, there are a lot of packing laboratory research, just all kinds of national patents on more than 100. These new technologies, new packaging applications, not only a strong impetus to the development of the business, but also saved the company a lot of operating costs. Next, let us look at what the packaging lab what are \”Black Technology\” it. chassis tool set work content chassis tool set has three main: First, study the development of some enterprises, the logistics industry packaging standards and inspection standards; the second is to build a laboratory, not only for internal development and test, but also with external customers, provide authoritative third-party verification service; third is to undertake a number of large strategic tool for packaging and R & D projects. Mobile cold storage Fresh irreparable damage, the protection of any missing link will lead to fresh perishable. Therefore, the need for fresh products from the whole picking / harvesting to optimize the delivery of customers for quality improvement, in order to guarantee the freshness of the product. The current over-reliance on fresh product preservation aging and packaging, not the formation of the whole process of systematic post-harvest freshness security system, for which packaging laboratory has developed a series of mobile cold storage equipment. The apparatus comprises a series of frozen cold-type mobile, mobile pre-cooling type cold, cold storage-type movement, has the following characteristics: 1, small size, simple installation without site requirements, does not require cold storage building qualification approval, quickly put into use; 2, flexible mobile, standard size container, a trailer may be a flat plate, the country allocation, optimizing resource allocation, resource utilization; 3, the frozen, pre-cooling storage efficiency of more than six times the traditional cold storage. 2016, moved into cold storage project crabs, crabs by pre-cooling of humidification, pressure dual combination, to solve the customer\’s existing cold storage crabs dehydration weight loss, which directly reduces the crabs mortality; while addressing the major clients of ice frozen bottle problem, freezes enhance efficiency more than 10 times. RDC in cold storage applications, to enhance the ice cold 6 times more efficient than frozen. In addition, the series also moved into cold storage cold transport network construction, Changzhou, Nanjing and other areas to address the high cold cold storage transport network construction costs. food, medicine packaging group food, pharmaceutical packaging group mainly relying on cold chain packaging technology, research and development of fresh food, pharmaceutical industry packaging solutions. Food, medicine packaging is packaging experimental groupRoom staff most of the technical team, a total of seven members, who basically has a background in food engineering and bio-pharmaceuticals. Novel Polymer flexible and efficient heat insulating material reflection principle and the use of aluminum buffering principle of air convection, the reflective layer is aluminum foil + polymer film multilayer composite structure, has excellent thermal insulation properties: First, the hot and cold air aluminum reflective layer, the reflective layer is permeable by air flow barrier layers of a multilayer polymer film, effectively delay the impact of hot and cold air built products, smooth temperature change does not affect the quality of fresh. In addition, the material is of flexible material, folded light recycling. EPP circulating incubator 2016 EPP circulating cold transport incubator into batches totaling 120,000, the cumulative frequency of use 1,570,000 times. The peer converted into the same size, a density of 25kg / m3 foam encasement of EPS foam encasement = 1570000 +157 +314 ten thousand ten thousand cartons ice bag, the packaging material cost savings of about 20.45 million yuan, saving 720,000 kg carbon, equivalent to less felling of 9100 trees. Meanwhile, EPP incubator may each be reused 250 times. Novel pharmaceutical packaging The first cold chain airgel material used in pharmaceutical packaging, temperature control to extend the time; coolant in 6 independent development, ensure accurate temperature control; using foldable structure design, save storage and transportation costs. It can be used at -40 ~ 50 ℃ environment, covering more than 95% of the country\’s transportation environment. Good low-temperature environment temperature control performance for extreme low temperatures; at the same volume, volume ratio to enhance the nearly 14 percentage points; can use 50 times the number of old packaging; 40% savings compared to the old package management cost, material cost savings 28 %, a 33% saving storage costs. Currently in Heilongjiang and Jilin Branch, Liaoning, Beijing Branch were not over-temperature event. Grape bag within a bag – suspension package structure before inflating the grapes into the bag; using the inflatable device, through the inflation port, inflating; after air is filled, the grapes automatically lock the inner bags, and between the inner bag and the outer bag is formed a buffer layer. all the sheep improved package As a whole sheep specialty products, Inner Mongolia, Xinjiang, Gansu, Ningxia, a large amount of hair pieces. Some white bars before the whole sheep retail shipped hindlimb extension, large in size, makingTo express great throw, it is difficult to match the appropriate packaging materials, packaging materials higher cost problem. With bags shipped packages in previous years, the emergence of dirt, thaw, leg of lamb situation fractures, poor customer perception. Cold transport packaging laboratory developed the \”+ carton frozen ice pack insulation bag + + + thermal insulation liner package\” all the sheep packaging materials, improvement of all the sheep to packaging, reducing packaging costs, improved customer perception. zone Gannan navel orange packaging to improve the zone Gannan navel orange winter hair often frozen to the northeast, because warm medium without the original packaging play: In theory, when the ambient temperature is below zero, the water freezes first release energy, completely frozen, Orange starts to freeze, but the actual test found that due to supercooling of the water itself, making frostbite cases Orange and ice unfrozen have emerged. For this phenomenon, packaging laboratory in warm add the media in 5 ‰ nucleating agents, reducing the degree of supercooling so warm media freeze the release of energy to ensure that Orange does not freeze. In addition, Orange northeast taken against the flow of \”individual thermal insulation package + cartridge packaging\” solutions that reduce the use of ice packs can reduce packaging costs and freight costs. The measure, to take more measures to enable the flow of North costs can be reduced 75 percent, northeast flow to reduce costs by about 50%. GM material flowers, potted plants, fish, grapes, peaches, lobster, shrimp, crabs, small cherry, tortoise shell fish, mulberry and other packaging solutions, tasteless incubator, series ice bag, ice boxes: other. heavy cargo packaging group heavy cargo packaging group former auto parts supply chain packaging team evolved, there are two members. Because little research before packing heavy goods person, so the team focused on doing some basic work, such as research and development can be combined foams, corner, edge protection, can be sent to different care was combined into different length and thickness specifications. Currently, the program has already applied for a patent. Case Packing: Hangzhou Sanitary District in 2016, the Hangzhou area of ​​a local ceramic sanitary town for business development, as customers original \”carton + wooden\” packaging quality is not controllable, so the damage is more serious. March 2017, packing heavy goods packaging laboratory personnel group and group sales, warehouse distribution, procurement staff and other bathroom project team composed, to develop integrated logistics solutions. In the packaging, has taken to solve the \”honeycomb cardboard edge protection + + + corner + world covered waterproof coating\” ofProgram. After the trial, the program aspects of good feedback, and ultimately adopted this program. Bathroom project business department of Hangzhou area Guo Yonghong, compared with the original customer \”carton + wooden\” packaging, new packaging solution has the following advantages: First, express mail security more secure, than new packaging solutions original package damage rate decreased 5-6 percentage points; second, the original \”carton + wooden\” packing heavy overcast and rainy weather damp weight is increased by one third, thereby increasing freight customers, and the new lighter packaging itself, and is waterproof, the overall shipping costs lower than the original packaging, reduce customer costs; third, the original packaging packaging, disassembly difficult, requiring special tools, is not conducive to visual inspection out of the box and return, and the new packaging disassembly is simple, easy visual inspection debit customers out of the box and return; fourth, original wooden packaging easy to cause damage to the floor staff and customers in the handling process, and the new packaging more secure; fifth, original wood shelf package to debit customers deal with the inconvenience caused by solid waste, and the new package can be easily processed, you can continue to use. Since the new packaging solution to protect the shipment safety, reduce customer costs, improved customer perception, so welcomed by customers, which also led to the rapid development of Hangzhou district sanitary services. Currently, the District of Hangzhou packaging solutions has been extended to Henan, Taizhou, Foshan and other areas of the bathroom industry. traditional packaging group traditional packaging group is responsible for the selection of traditional courier services packaging materials modification. As the traditional business in the company\’s overall business, accounting for up to 95%, the traditional courier services packaging materials annual purchase amount of hundreds of millions, so a small selection of retrofit can save huge amounts of procurement costs for the company. Topology Optimization In the case where the same structural strength, to reduce the amount of material used. The stretchable stretchable structure EPE reached by clever design, using the same scene, save 50% of the material. Sheets of different thicknesses, different design shapes, the structure may be formed of different functional effects; tensile properties to enhance the versatility of the structure of the buffering effect, applicable to a certain range of sizes of the plurality of articles; has been widely used fruit, eggs, mainframe computers, switches, servers and liquor industries. -free adhesive tape carton currently on the market are required adhesive tape sealing the carton, tape usage PangLarge, and the sealing step tedious, low work efficiency; customer trouble unpacking cartons without anti-theft feature. Laboratory developed a new packaging cardboard boxes, containing anti-theft-free adhesive tape, easy to tear functions, through free adhesive tape and packaging operations to enhance efficiency, saving material costs, improve work efficiency; has applied for national patents 4. quadratic file seal Currently available files are sealed one-time use, after the first use file seal itself without damage, but no re-use value, resulting in a waste of resources, environmental damage. Secondary use of laboratory design file wrapper closure, through process optimization, the design used in the secondary sealing function, the martial combined closing member sent an instant recovery mechanisms, recovery client programs such as incentive mechanisms embodiments, can save 30% of the cost; apply three national patents. loop box may be repeated 20-100 times, use of sealing tape free, green; reduction steps, the rate of elevating member; waterproof, compression, protection performance enhancement; unique code management, to avoid material internal and external loss data and monitoring; can achieve a variety of high-level special performance requirements. Aluminum foil box It cherries, blueberries and the like are packaged using a foam box plus carton packaging, high costs, material waste, easily degradable materials, odor. The newly developed foil box with a cardboard box without the use of a foam, 1/3 cost savings, and clean, no smell. retrofit optimization case 1, in response to the call of environmental protection since 2014, carton, file sealed, plastic bags full conversion of non-printing shading printing, ink reduction of about 70 percent. Calculated as an annual printed material 150 million, about 750 tons can reduce ink usage. 2, the thickness of the packaging bags Optimization: 14% of a single material savings, weight savings of about 1,709 tons per year material, if the material used to produce large savings in packaging bags, annual savings 68000000 large packaging bags. 3, transparent tape length optimization: increasing the length of a single roll of Scotch 30m, 30% of the amount of reduction in paper shaft, can save approximately 520 tons per year winding core material by weight, corresponding to 8840 to reduce felling trees. 4, packet article modifications: the hole becomes two holes, one surface becomes zigzag-sided, reduce the use of raw materials, 25.6%, is expected to reduce the use of about 850 tons per year starting material; reducing an operation process packets, to enhance the efficiency of 50%.5, EPE density optimization: reduced raw material used in a proportion of about 11%; 134 species reduced, reducing material, warehouse management costs. 6, recycling bags: alternative disposable bags, reducing waste bags, single disposable bags material utilization rate is higher than 90%, by weight savings of about 5,070 tons per year material, annual savings of 29 million bags prepared Put into use. 7, is now inflated bubble film: about 1/6 of the normal volume of each volume of the bubble film, is 4.5 times the length (450 m), warehousing, transportation cost savings of 87%. 1 per volume into volume 13 can replace ordinary bubbles in bubble film.