Tianzhou 1 \”VIP\” airgel Birth

April 20, 2017, tianzhou 1 cargo spacecraft was launched with Long March 7 in Wenchang spaceport, April 22 successful rendezvous and docking with the Temple II. The news of China Aerospace Science and Industry Hospitals 306 workers who have forwarded circle of friends the good news and the message: \”our family material and meritorious it!\” Following the successful convoy in November 2016 after the Long March V, developed 306 aerogels insulation material with tianzhou 1 once again embarked on a journey into space. According to reports, the airgel is the world\’s lightest known solid material, with high specific surface area and very low thermal conductivity. Over the years, 306 have been committed to meet our demand for high-performance aerospace insulation composite materials, developed a series of products using airgel material covering temperature range -100 ℃ to 2500 ℃, not only to solve our country more the key question type material and equipment, also in construction, electronics, petrochemical and other civilian areas to get the application. In 2016, Long March V launch mission, the 306 developed high-performance nano airgel insulation blankets products provide effective thermal insulation means for the rocket fuel gas piping system, provides a strong guarantee for the successful launch. This time, the flourish of the airgel insulation material from the site of the Long March V gas line into a tianzhou 1 cryogenic locker, once again give full play to the performance of airgel insulation material par excellence. With the successful launch of the Temple II in 2016, China has entered the space laboratory and space station mission implementation phase. Timely supply of goods became a long-term presence of astronauts and space to carry out necessary safeguards series of scientific experiments, but this is precisely borne cargo resupply missions tianzhou 1 cargo ship. One day boat equipped with low-temperature locker is used to materials stored, for its thermal insulation performance insulation materials has an extremely demanding target, it is necessary to insulation, but also light, which is the traditional insulation the material can not be achieved. After receiving the research task 306 team developed after several rounds of testing and verification, the conventional airgel material \”vacuum\” and thus, the airgel-based material. \” The vacuum insulation panel \” was born, it can effectively prevent heat transfer by convection of air, so that the thermal conductivity of the airgel material than the original greatly reduced, improving the performance of thermal insulation nearly doubled, but also have a veryGood gas barrier properties and puncture resistance. As the English name of the vacuum insulation panel is VacuumInsulationPanel, development staff joked:. \”This time we really dry space in the field of \’VIP\’ of work\” after numerous tests, 306 developed the \”VIP\” airgel product finally complete reached the stringent technical requirements, was made into a protective coat tianzhou 1 cold locker, along with tianzhou 1 spacecraft travel the sky.