To pay more layers of silicon oxide particles coat! The study Qingdao Agricultural University, greatly improving the stability of lithium-ion batteries

\”Cold weather, wear more clothes!\” A child his mother always asked thousands exhorted million. Research in recent years, for the purpose to improve the stability of the battery, plus coat a silicon oxide negative electrode material for a lithium battery to improve battery life is also increasing. Recently, Qingdao Agricultural University, School of Chemistry and Pharmaceutical Wang Jie and Zhu Ye Research Group Hong Kong Polytechnic University, then after wrapping a layer of silicon oxide to carbon coat, then wrapped in a layer of carbon nanoparticles reinforced polymeric layer, both to ensure the conductivity of the electrode material, but also plays a volume change of the buffer silicon oxide particles due to charging and discharging the battery, improve the cycle life of the battery. Conventional carbon coating essentially different, to prepare two carbon layers are very simple, the first carbon layer is a phenolic resin coating layer of the high temperature conversion, the second polymer layer and carbon nanoparticles to form pyrrole monomer carbon nanoparticles reinforced polymer layer.

A is a carbon-coated synthetic FIG schematic form a schematic diagram of FIG b carbon nanoparticles reinforced polymer layer.

magic Mechanism

Study Group more amazing is polyacrylic acid (PAA) as a binder when coating the current collector, polypyrrole, and polyacrylic acid generator the crosslinking, the position of the silicon oxide particles play a confinement effect, further improving the stability of the battery, the mechanism is as follows:

PAA crosslinking mechanism and coating particles
[ 123] by half and full cell test cell, demonstrated a two-step coating process and crosslinking improve battery performance is necessary.
图a为半电池循环稳定性测试,图b为全电池循环寿命测试,图c,d为循环前的扫描电镜图像,图e,f为循环寿命后的扫描电镜图像。 Figure a half-cell cycling stability test, panel b for the whole battery cycle life test, FIG c, d is a SEM image before the cycle, FIG e, f of the scan after the cycle life SEM images.
Articles that improve the life of the lithium ion battery and a simple two-step coating crosslinking, is readily available and inexpensive raw materials used for the development of a lithium ion battery negative electrode material has important implications .


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