\”Torch Cup\” finals came to an end and new materials fields airgel St. Connaught project awarded Top 10

August 16 5:00 pm, the Fifth China Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition (Zhejiang Division) and the Third in Zhejiang Province \”Torch Cup\” Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition field of new materials finals came to an end in Zhejiang market, science and technology, including the gas condensate glue super insulation materials, functional materials intelligent ultra high throughput synthesis system 30 projects through the cut 10 strong intense competition. The tournament, Chinese Academy of Sciences, returnees, thousands of plans winner, the country\’s top technical experts of people competing against Haibang investment, Farsighted Investment, investment, fulcrum well-known investment-member jury of seven-chief, 25 from inside and outside the province of well-known venture capital institutions, banks, brokerages, head of the professional jury from a professional point scoring for the project, presented to you a high level of entrepreneurial innovation in the field of new materials feast. Game site, general manager from St. Connaught Shaoxing, Zhejiang Energy Saving Technology Co., Ltd. Jincheng Li presented their self-developed \”fourth-generation atmospheric drying technology for mass production of airgel super material\” project, in the fierce competition, won the contest 10 strong, won the title of outstanding business Award. It is understood that the airgel nano super thermal insulation material is by far the best insulation materials , fireproof, waterproof, record 15 projects Guinness Book of Records, as a national strategic emerging industries, aerospace, military, petrochemical , electric power, metallurgy, construction and other fields of energy-saving insulation revolutionary alternative materials, known as \”change the world of magical material.\” Window period airgel material is now in rapid development of industrialization, but the presence of high production costs, product dust, the production level of automation and low three industry pain points, seriously hampered the development airgel industry. Ceno original fourth-generation energy production aerogels pressure drying technology inexpensive water glass instead of the conventional expensive organic silicon raw material, instead of the traditional use of expensive pressure equipment supercritical high pressure equipment, equipment investment and production costs significantly reduced, It is extremely competitive, and to solve the dust problem airgel, will build the world\’s first continuous automatic production line, production efficiency to provide more than 3 times than conventional techniques. \”With the number of breakthroughs in key technologies, we will solve the three major industry pain points, we currently have applied for 30 patents for inventions, including one project PCT international patent, is to seize the commanding heights of industry.\” Jincheng Li to the future airgel material letter of developmentHeart full.