Transferred \”After three unsuccessful Chinese Academy of Sciences forsaken country,\” Yan Ning: nonsense!

Recently, the spread of the Internet with as many as about Princeton University professor, academician of the National Academy of Sciences foreign stories Yan Ning early experiences, saying as \”Tsinghua talented woman\”, but three times in a row after the application was rejected Chinese Academy of Sciences, \”eventually abandoned the motherland, American Academy of flowers. \” In response, Beijing time on May 25 morning, has always been outspoken, with \”entertainment blogger\” claiming Yan Ning @nyouyou responded to the word on the microblogging micro-Bo: \”nonsense!\” 被传“3次落选中科院院士后离弃祖国”,颜宁:扯淡! These self-made media release, \”Yan Ning past\”, some in text form, and some also made a video, but the plot is the same: a completion of their studies in the United States, decided to return to their ambitions \”Tsinghua talented woman\”, was regarded as a most of the younger generation as a scientist, Dr. biology all the way to an academic career \”hanging open\”, but since 2015, losing three consecutive Chinese Academy of Sciences. Although she took a hit, but still remain optimistic until 2017 once again unsuccessful. So she chose to go abroad and return to Princeton to teach, and the American Academy of flowers, became foreign academician of the hospital. 被传“3次落选中科院院士后离弃祖国”,颜宁:扯淡! have some friends apparently believed, and in the comments section showing dissatisfaction with disdain emotions, and some of Yan Ning cynical, and even personal attacks. 25 am Beijing time, Yan Ning @nyouyou himself denied the. She forwarded a video representative, then responded to the word \”nonsense\”, also with \”nausea\” and \”contempt\” look. 被传“3次落选中科院院士后离弃祖国”,颜宁:扯淡! At present, too many users complaint by the video has been removed platform. Yan Ning further explained that he participated in the voting after the National Academy of Sciences to understand, in fact, remain in Tsinghua University, Princeton easier than going elected to the US National Academy of Sciences. As for the Chinese Academy of Sciences, it is the biennial \”nomination\” rather than net transfer of \”application.\” Her own work is relatively arbitrary, when losing the perspective of \”bystander\” of fun, nothing special feeling, she did not pursue fame and fortune. \”Whatever we do in countries where basic research, funded by the taxpayer support, to first thoroughly understand something that is already the largest reward, brought fame and fortune just by-products, rather than the pursuit.\” 被传“3次落选中科院院士后离弃祖国”,颜宁:扯淡! In fact, just a little bit verification , I know this story untenable. As a result, there is no Yan Ning defeated Chinese Academy of Sciences in 2015. Observer network foundThe Chinese Academy of Sciences official website of the complete \”2015 Chinese Academy of Sciences co-opted a preliminary list of candidates,\” including Mathematics and Physics 23, Chemistry 25, life science and medical faculty of 30 people, 29 Division of Earth Science, Information Science and Technology Department 20 Science and technology 30 people, a total of 157 people, and there is no Yan Ning name. Secondly, Yan Ning does enter the Chinese Academy of Sciences in 2017, 157 people long list, but later regret losing, it won a number of media reported. But you know, at the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Academy of Engineering academician co-opted history, many famous scholars have been many unsuccessful experiences, including Yuan Longping, Yigong Shi and so on. Three to Yan Ning had explained her reasons to go outside Princeton. As early as 2017, Yan Ning went on the Department of Molecular Biology at Princeton when Ren Xueli Tillman lifelong Professor of jobs, there are rumors online, said she hired Princeton is \”stormed out\”, \”bloom away.\” Yan Ning was the same through the micro-Bo responded, saying these are purely \”nonsense.\” 被传“3次落选中科院院士后离弃祖国”,颜宁:扯淡! She also told Xinhua News Agency, she went to Princeton after the decision is well thought out, \”This is not an easy decision.\” Tsinghua school also confirmed that, in addition to Yan Ning\’s own careful consideration, she also taught at the school each issue level leadership had full communication. \”In the past 10 years, I get excellent support at Tsinghua University, scientific research has made me even more than expected at the beginning of Qinghua own back.\” Yan Ning said, \”it is often said that danger, I want to give yourself some new the pressure, in the new environment to stimulate new inspiration, new breakthroughs in science. \”in addition to these two, Yan Ning also encountered a bad rumor network. Last May, the netizen said in microblogging issued a document, Americans ask why Yan Ning defeated in 2017, she replied, \”To be elected CAS academician, you may not be a talent, but you have to be an obedient ! \”and Ning Yan personally at that time through the microblogging\” crackdown \”, lamented that her\” finally has been \’quotations\’ \”treatment, and propaganda between Weibo CEO @ come and go:\” where a complaint is not such nonsense wink the ah? \”later, the person who posted the official Weibo account was punishable by\” credit points deducted 5 points, gag seven days, seven days ban is concerned, \”the punishment. 被传“3次落选中科院院士后离弃祖国”,颜宁:扯淡! Yan Ning, born in 1977 in Zhangqiu, the current foreign academician of the National Academy of Sciences, USA Hugh HowardSri Lanka Institute of Medicine first \”International Young Scientists\”, Princeton University professor and doctoral tutor, School of Life Sciences, Tsinghua University adjunct professor, mainly engaged in important membrane transport proteins associated with the disease, structure and working mechanism of voltage-gated ion channels and molecular mechanisms of membrane protein on cholesterol metabolism pathway. In August 2017, with the achievements in the field of membrane protein structural biology, and she became the Chinese Academy of Sciences two candidates, but also the list of primaries youngest. December 2017, she won the \”Technology of the Year 2017 impact of Chinese characters.\” And after he went to the United States, to continue her academic path \”hanging open.\” May 13 this year, Yan Ning as a co-corresponding author of two papers on the same time line in Nature, not only is she this year\’s \”CNS debut,\” is her first published 33, 34 CNS papers. These two articles, each separately cholesterol acyltransferase and diacylglycerol ACAT1 electrical structure and reaction mechanism of the enzyme DGAT1 mirror refrigeration transfer, there is an important guidance for the development of target inhibitors.