US ITC released survey of 337 manufacturing enterprises airgel part of China\’s final ruling

February 5, US International Trade Commission (ITC) announced that, for the Aerogels insulation composite materials and manufacturing processes (Inv. No.337-TA-1003) to make the final section 337 Conference: Nano technology ruled that two Chinese companies and Guangdong Alison survival behavior in violation of intellectual property rights, and decided to terminate the investigation. The survey from May 2016, the United States Aspen Airgel Corporation (Aspen Aerogels) filed with the US ITC Section 337 application, saying that from China\’s Guangdong Alison Hi-tech Co., Ltd. and Zhejiang Nano Technology Co., Ltd. the airgel insulation products infringe its composite materials and manufacturing methods related patents (patent US6989123, US7078359, US7399439, US7780890 and US9181486), asked the US ITC issued a general exclusion order (or a limited exclusion order) and injunction. 美国ITC发布对中国气凝胶生产企业的337调查部分终裁 美国ITC发布对中国气凝胶生产企业的337调查部分终裁 June 2, 2016, the US International Trade Commission voted 337 to start an investigation. According to Section 337 application filed by the Commission, involving the two companies airgel exports to the US, the presence of the suspected infringing composite airgel insulation materials and manufacturing methods in the United States imported or sold in the United States. September 2017 the ITC preliminary ruling finds that there is infringement of two Chinese companies involved. February 5, 2018, the US ITC issued a notice saying portion 337 final ruling, finding of infringement of intellectual property of the two companies, and decided to terminate the investigation. The Guangdong Alison infringement of patents US7078359 1,7,9 claims and patent US6989123 first 11-13,15,19 claims, patent US7780890 first 11-13,15,17-19,21 other rights; Nano finds infringement of patents US7078359 12,15,16 other rights. 美国ITC发布对中国气凝胶生产企业的337调查部分终裁 美国ITC发布对中国气凝胶生产企业的337调查部分终裁