Versatile airgel glass

Airgel is a new glass materials, various kinds of glass can be replaced. It is available in a wide range of modern and high-tech areas of application: do as aerospace, marine peep window; instead of tempered glass car; in the field of laser and atomic energy as a ray optics through a variety of structural materials and make precision optical instruments element or the like. In short, it can replace ordinary glass, plexiglass, plastic and other areas can flourish in these three materials competent. Although similar in appearance ordinary glass, dyeing and transparency, but a number of advantages and is far less common in the glass: 1, thermal stability and thermal shock resistance than quartz glass, even in a high temperature state of 1300 ℃ it into the water, will not break; 2, its specific gravity is small, only 0.07-0.25g / cm3, a few tenths of ordinary glass; 3, has better thermal insulation than mineral wool performance; it does not burn, the material is a good fire; 4, further has good insulation performance, higher than the average four times more than the metal and glass, the glass is intermediate airgel airgel. The earliest airgel is separated out from the silica gel. Of course, also be obtained from other materials. For example, from alumina, tungsten oxide, iron oxide, zinc oxide, tin oxide, cellulose, nitrocellulose, animal gelatin, agar, protein, gums are obtained airgel. The main technical parameters airgel glass is as follows: Density: 0.07-0.25g / cm3; leads coefficient: 0.021W / m2. K; refractive index: 1.015-1.055; pore size: of 10-20 nm; sound propagation speed: 120m / s; acoustic resistance: 105 × 104kg / m2.s; heat resistance: 1300 deg.] C; silica content: 99.99%. Preparation of airgel glass in two steps: First, a silanol from silane gel; then the silanol gel into the mold and drying, the solvents were removed from the gel to the entire process are carried out under pressure and temperature, the available computer controls the entire manufacturing process. If airgel glass used in construction, it can both heat and warm house; if used for high-rise buildings, can replace the glass curtain wall in general, greatly reduce the weight of buildings and play a role in fire prevention. Practice has proved that a layer of airgel glass sandwiched between two layers of common glass, the heat transfer coefficient decreased from 3W / m2.K to 0.5W / m2.K. In addition, airgel glass are slower than the propagation speed of sound of all the inorganic material, the sound is only 100-120m / s airgel glass. Although airgel glass has many excellent physical properties, but the price is relatively high, relatively small geometrical size, currently only reached (20-60) × (20-60) × (2-3) cm, limited its range. But with advances in science and technology, it will have broad prospects for development.