Waves constantly! After 5 90 bursts of five CNS brother and sister division within a month! One for all, \”waves are\” How to Make?

May 6, after known as \”graphene pilots,\” the boy genius Cao original 95 respectively in 2018 following back to back in Nature published a major research results, again the first author and co-corresponding author on the Nature even issued two papers. Moment maxed circle of friends, known as the \”tsunami.\” Cao was originally a Chinese HKUST Youth Class 10 students, university teacher Lan Rong teacher. Cao more than the original, in recent days, China HKUST Youth Class is a \”choppy.\” May 1 and May 14, the former Cao\’s two brother and sister division, junior class 09 and 10 Wu Wang Zhai, Jizhu run, first author who has published papers in top international journal \”Science\”.

Left: Wang Wu Zhai right: Jizhu Run

May 14, \”Nature\” cover the results presented the results of laser radar, unmanned prospects in the future technical outlook. Liu Chun autumn one of the key contributors to this achievement, but also the University of Science and Technology of China 08 Junior College class alumni. He is responsible for the preparation of silicon nitride chip core technology of the Nature results. The silicon chip is based on April 20 published in \”Nature Photonics\” (Nature Photonics) papers. Liu Jun is the first author after the fall of paper. He Jijun (China HKUST Alumni 0938) is among the co-first authors. 巨浪不断!5位90后师兄妹一月内连发5篇CNS!个个一作,“巨浪们”是如何炼成的? Although \”natural\”) the Journal may be more interesting, but many experts also recognized Liu Jun and other autumn as \”Nature Photonics,\” the paper\’s first author. Liu Chun autumn had participated in the 2019 European integrated photonic Assembly by the Belgian Ghent University and the Microelectronics Center (IMEC) organization (ECIO), and do a report on introduced after this was published in \”Nature Photonics\” results. The judges gathered in the General Assembly the authority of the industry. They almost unanimously agreed to grant Liu Chun autumn report of the game\’s only the best students report. The \”Nature Photonics\” paper introduces the silicon chip, brought three Nature papers (which is a cover of the outcome of May 14 Nature published).

Left: Liu Chun autumn right: HE Kat

Liu Chun autumn, graduated from Maanshan Second, China HKUST Youth Class 08 School (dated classes). 2016 by the German Erlangen – NurembergMaster\’s degree (the highest honor) Newcastle University; in 2020 by the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne (EPFL) PhD. He Jijun, graduated from Anhui Bengbu Second, China HKUST 2009 Physics College of Optics and Optical Engineering (0938). 2015 and 2019, respectively, received master\’s and doctoral degrees Hong Kong Polytechnic University. Not only that, according to the China Branch of the Dah Sing Chong Alumni Foundation understand: the next few days to several months, junior class pride will continue to climb after 90 authoritative journals published more heavy results. Really stop the tsunami, more than waves.

01, Jizhu run, 10: \”The young girl when not, Sister had to do,\” the junior class vice squad

May 14, Science published a report entitled Photocurrent detection of the orbital angular momentum of light of Research article, this study is WTe2 material system, found in the light generated by the orbiting scroll photoluminescence effect. This groundbreaking optical phase electrical detection method, no doubt we heard footsteps ultra-high bandwidth optical communications photon angular momentum. 巨浪不断!5位90后师兄妹一月内连发5篇CNS!个个一作,“巨浪们”是如何炼成的? The first author of the study, is from China HKUST Youth Class 10 of Jizhu run. Jizhu run 22 years old, he is one of the first author of the Science article youngest women. According to People\’s Daily reported Jizhu Run is a native of Beijing girl, 13 years old (14 years old may) from Beijing Lixin school admitted to Chinese HKUST Youth Class 10, was the penultimate small class young students. Skip beads as commonplace quarter profit, it does look a lot more mature than their peers. With small, bead-run season is junior class vice squad, as well as innovative research team led by people. \”Probably because I am tall, not when the young girl, Sister had to do.\” Jizhu run so ridicule. Playing the piano since childhood, Jizhu run university time and taught himself to play the guitar and composer, regulars at USTC, or the Festival of school. Jizhu family run background research, a study of biological parents, a geochemical study. When the original study for the platform, advised her: why not pick the field of study of their parents, the future of great help. But in the run beads quarter and teachers to analyze their own interest, the expertise, decisively chose Applied Physics, \”I enjoy the most, is the junior and senior bubble in the laboratory sense, only physicalI really love. \”By 2015, she went to a doctorate in Applied Physics University of Pennsylvania to study American Ivy League universities, student at Dr. Ritesh Agarwal group.

Jizhu Run (fourth from right) with the research group of teachers and students photo [123 ]
As early as 2019, Jizhu Yun, who published an article on MoTe2 call flow in circular polarizing effect in Nature Materials. topology of the University of Pennsylvania\’s famous physicist Eugene Mele (Eugene Mele), 2019 scientific breakthrough Award winner, who in an interview spoke highly of Jizhu Run: I rarely see her graduate as not only the courage to face such a challenge; control of her creative and can try new things, and can realize ideas. ! \”I\’ve rarely seen a graduate student faced with that challenge who was able not only to rise to it but to master it. She had the initiative to do something new, and she got it done.\”

02 Wu Wang Zhai, 09: Fuyang City, was rated \”the most beautiful family\”, won the \”Guo scholarship\”

May 1, on-line Science research article entitled \”Evidence for an edge supercurrent in the Weyl superconductor MoTe2\”, and the first author of the study is the USTC Youth class 09 Wu Wang Zhai, the study found that he and his mentor, MoTe2 superconducting material that can carry current, and the superconducting current flow is limited at its edges, the significance of topological superconductivity extraordinary.


巨浪不断!5位90后师兄妹一月内连发5篇CNS!个个一作,“巨浪们”是如何炼成的? Dr. Wang Wudi (second from left) and other research groups of teachers and students and instructors together
in today\’s field of condensed matter physics, there are many critical issue, a second type of key is one semimetal Weyl must be mentioned. semimetal Weyl second type is thought to exist in the High Energy PhysicsAbsent in a variety of new fermions, in which topological properties can be initiated with unique optical, electrical and magnetic properties different from conventional materials. The second category Weyl semi-metal in condensed matter physics, especially in the field of high-temperature superconducting quantum mechanics and bright prospects, the future is likely to trigger a new round of one of the key areas of materials revolution.
巨浪不断!5位90后师兄妹一月内连发5篇CNS!个个一作,“巨浪们”是如何炼成的? Princeton University official website press release describes the research results with map.
In 2009, due to outstanding performance, being in Fuyang, a 15-year-old sophomore Wang Wu Zhai directly participated in the college entrance examination, with a score of 655 was admitted to China University of Science and Technology 09 juvenile class. In 2013, only 20 years old Zhai Wang Wu graduated from the junior class and won the China Science undergraduate highest honor – Guo scholarship (China\’s first scholarship) (formerly Cao Guo also received a scholarship). Graduation was admitted to Princeton University, entrance doors are doors grades A +, the school also offers tuition, living expenses, medical insurance, etc. for him every year. Currently, Wang Wu Di has successfully graduated from Princeton University PhD.

Wang Wu Zhai also from \”learning Pa family\”, according to News Network Fuyang, Wang Wu Zhai\’s father and mother at school also learn Pa. When the mother college entrance examination, the first class, the village became the only college students, high places his father was admitted to the Anhui Agricultural University. This \”school bully\” House, also won the 2015 Fuyang City, \”the most beautiful family.\” In an interview, Wang Wu Zhai mother said: \”My husband and I on the education of children, not just focus only on learning, but also pay attention to the child\’s social skills, thinking quality.\” Wang Wu Zhai kindergarten, parents support him more books, For example, \”A Hundred thousand Whys\”, \”Science fiction World\”, \”five thousand years.\” \”Read more books, reading speed would be increased, but also the child\’s ability to respond to change faster.\” King Wu Zhai mother said they will not suppress the child\’s nature, Wang Wu Zhai love paper cutting, stitching, they support, let him participate in school activities, more students and teachers exchange. Later, they found that Wang Wu Di of science is obsessed with her and her husband to accompany Wang Wu Zhai finished ahead of the third year of the course. During Cao former school in China HKUST Youth Class, elected to the \”excellence Yanjici physics class.\” Like this class scientific and technological excellence HKUST China has built 16. Since its 2009 inception, the elite class has cultivated a large number of \”waves.\” These \”other people\’s children\” success secret?They had studied the \”scientific and technological excellence class\” is what kind of existence? 巨浪不断!5位90后师兄妹一月内连发5篇CNS!个个一作,“巨浪们”是如何炼成的?

巨浪不断!5位90后师兄妹一月内连发5篇CNS!个个一作,“巨浪们”是如何炼成的? Cao original (left) and his

03 USTC Youth Class, \”is how the waves were tried in a professor at MIT mentor Pablo Herrero into? \”

巨浪不断!5位90后师兄妹一月内连发5篇CNS!个个一作,“巨浪们”是如何炼成的?\” China Science News \”2020 May 19 author Yang Fan

with nature

Chen Yang is China HKUST first contact Cao teacher to the original. In 2010, when he was president of Junior College Class of him, when Cao Shenzhen to see the original, the original is learning Cao knowledge of chemistry contest. \”After some understanding, I feel that students of all aspects of the quality is very good, so they encouraged him to apply for China HKUST Youth Class.\” Cao original into the school at the beginning was originally going to study chemistry, then gradually found himself more interested in the physical, then go to the this physical realm, into the \”physical excellence Yanjici class.\”

巨浪不断!5位90后师兄妹一月内连发5篇CNS!个个一作,“巨浪们”是如何炼成的? In 2014, Cao original (first from right) and classmates posed professor China HKUST has long Gan (second from left) laboratory
including in China HKUST, including scientific and technological excellence class , undergraduate students can choose 100% professional, and there are at least three times the opportunity to turn professional. This is similar to the original Cao turn professional experience, also common in China HKUST things. \”The reason why the implementation of such a policy, because the school is considering, just Jinjiao college students because of the lack of professional experience and depth of understanding, it is necessary during their studies, helping them to gradually discover their interests and potential, given its reselect for their own professional opportunities. \”China HKUST assistant to the president, provost Zhou Cong Chao says. Because there are many opportunities to turn professional freedom, undergraduates are worried \”the wrong the wrong professional\” worries do not exist, they will have the courage bold attempt. Before entering University, China HKUST \”China Computer Technology class excellence\” 2012 student Liu Liyuan do best and favorite specialty is mathematics. However, the voluntary reporting of time, he had to fill volunteer is almost no effort put into subjects studied – the computer. \”Because I am a Harry Potter fan, I admire the wonderful world of magic. I happened to completing the volunteer realized that programming is actually a bit like magic,Although we can not be driven by magic, but can be driven by a computer. So, Xinyi Heng, thinking it is not, HKUST can change your major, I will be his first computer as a volunteer. \”Liu Liyuan said proved he had made the right choice in the honors awarded China HKUST\’s highest honor – after Guo scholarship, today\’s Liu Liyuan are American University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign to continue their studies

[. 123]

China HKUST Lu Jiaxi chemical scientific and technological excellence class of students in the laboratory 巨浪不断!5位90后师兄妹一月内连发5篇CNS!个个一作,“巨浪们”是如何炼成的?
years of personnel training effectiveness data tracking analysis showed that 10% of the outstanding graduates before China graduate School of mathematical sciences, half students from turn professional; 5% of the students before school achievement School of Physics, the transfer from non-physics students also accounted for nearly forty percent; China HKUST highest honor, \”Guo scholarship\” winner, around one-quarter re-select the students. \”maximum respect for students\’ interests, helping them to exclude external noise, search for the most authentic call of the heart, has become the secret of China HKUST scientific and technological excellence class known. \”Zhou Cong talk about the importance
strong foundation

.\” I received from the student students point of view, China HKUST undergraduate students is the best: high quality of students, with a solid theoretical foundation and a strong research interest. This is the \’class excellence\’ foundation and an important guarantee. \”The evaluation for the China Science class excellence, from the school,\” Zhao Zhongyao Applied Physics class excellence \”and\” in conjunction with the Department of \”school tutor, Chinese Academy of Sciences Ma Yugang\’s mouth. According to reports,\” Real generosity basis \”is the Chinese HKUST 60 years of school precipitation and distinctive characteristics. class more attention to strengthen scientific and technological excellence in mathematics, physics undergraduate foundation and thinking skills. in class excellence training program, the school scores of students of mathematics and physics basic course of not less than 30 credits, accounting for graduation total credits required for the course 20% in the curriculum depth than ordinary students have higher expectations. Zhou Cong photos, said scientific and technological excellence classes focus on individualized and personalized training and strive to break through the limitations of personnel training \”pipelined\”, matching the best teachers , the full implementation of academic tutorial, all-round construction of scientific and technological excellence class management and support system, into a \”focus on basic, enhanced cross, highlighting the forefront\” of excellence class curriculum, the formation of \”science and education, the Department of combination of theory and practice combination\” scientific and technological excellence class training modeformula.

academician Wang Dingsheng excellence class students to make a report \”Physics of magnetic storage technology and information revolution\” 巨浪不断!5位90后师兄妹一月内连发5篇CNS!个个一作,“巨浪们”是如何炼成的?
at the same time strengthening the Shuolijichu, undergraduate research laboratories also enter China HKUST tradition. Cao original, for example, after entering his thesis advisor, Professor Gan Chinese HKUST has long lab, Cao has been the latter\’s original full guidance on research topics and results analysis. On the other hand, has long let Gan Cao original play strong good theoretical knowledge and programming skills advantage, independent hands-on program to do the calculation. They regularly discuss research progress, a clear idea of ​​the next step. This makes the original opportunities Cao involved in undergraduate research training complete, and has published articles in internationally renowned journals such as \”Physical Review B\”. The concept of scientific and technological excellence in training classes, the physical, psychological, interpersonal skills, communication skills are equally important. The overall quality of the professors in charge of scientific and technological excellence Yanjici physics classes Yuan Junhua called \”stealth.\” \”The school uses a number of initiatives, hoping to excellence classes of students were able to improve the overall competitiveness of the learning process in the undergraduate, can be at a higher starting point for the future development of the cause of these capabilities, many of which are \’stealth\’ other than schoolwork This requires the teacher as soon as possible to seize the time to develop these qualities are not directly examine the scores. \”Yuan Junhua said. In promoting this concept, China HKUST scientific and technological excellence to create a unique class of traditional sports activities, promote excellence in class each student to learn an art, a lifetime to master a sport skills. From the beginning of 2018, held each fall short of excellence class marathon, trail running event in the spring.

liter pattern 巨浪不断!5位90后师兄妹一月内连发5篇CNS!个个一作,“巨浪们”是如何炼成的? In addition to academic ability, vision, pattern, feelings, these qualities are China HKUST scientific and technological excellence class personnel training an important focal point, but also help graduates of the class of excellence on the road ahead in life continued superior power. Send undergraduates to domestic first-class universities and research institutions to broaden their horizons, is standard practice Chinese HKUST undergraduate training, for the undergraduate class excellence is to strengthen the requirements in this regard. \”In addition to the normal teaching excellence classmates has been to the Institute of Mechanics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Space Hospitals, five branches and astronaut training center, China Academy of Engineering Physics, etc. to visit and learn.\”

British Science and TechnologyOnly classmates visited the Institute of Electronics, Chinese Academy of Sciences 巨浪不断!5位90后师兄妹一月内连发5篇CNS!个个一作,“巨浪们”是如何炼成的?
interview, Mao Anqing Zhu Qian mechanics school students in the class scientific and technological excellence recalls, in this process, they are in direct contact with the field of mechanical engineering and cutting-edge research, on-site laboratories and equipment subject to reports, this understanding of mechanics concepts they learn prospect mechanics, mechanics learning firm belief and so played a good role. In addition to the domestic research institutions to visit, but also to actively implement the China Science students in the class of excellence overseas summer training programs, exchange semester abroad and graduation design projects to improve the degree of internationalization of Students. For example, in recent years, China HKUST through inter-school cooperation agreement as well as professors of overseas contacts in third grade summer there are plans to send students to top-notch class excellence to world-class university laboratories, scientific research practice for a period of 8 to 10 weeks, in part Since then students will continue to complete one year of graduation thesis work at foreign universities. Meanwhile, China HKUST also attaches equal importance to attract first-class foreign universities for outstanding students to the school exchanges, build academic community. Since 2013, China HKUST co-ordination organized \”Future Scientists Summer Camp\” class excellence has become one of the important international exchange activities brand.
future international summer camp scientist 巨浪不断!5位90后师兄妹一月内连发5篇CNS!个个一作,“巨浪们”是如何炼成的?
In addition to the open of excellence Students horizons in the academic field, China HKUST particular emphasis on developing a \”science and education to serve the country, red special hand\” pattern and feelings of students . \”College is a place where people cultivate, from which the students come out of temperament more or less with the universities in China HKUST few years, it taught me to feel the world. I used to think the world of home and country is so far away, and now China HKUST let me have the possibility to realize their ambitions, so I have the confidence and courage to become the vanguard of the times. \”interview,\” China computer Technology class excellence \”students, ACS supercomputer in the world championship race college students accounted for Xie Chao said. \”In China HKUST, there are many outstanding students and Cao original, like, gifted, not afraid of challenges. China HKUST this training mode, just to meet the \’Cao former are\’ growing needs, so that they look like a duck.\” As China HKUST Deputy Director of Academic Affairs, has long Gan said: \”Not long ago, the school released a \’first-class quality of undergraduate education enhancement program\’ program of action, so that each student can fully enjoy high-quality educational resources more personalized, we believe that the future will trainRaise a more qualified students. In this regard, I am confident. \”Tsunami continue, more than waves! Have more to look forward to results!