What Aerogels are? If there is no light matter, spend tip a \”cloud\”

On the flower a flower, as if stopped a congealed \”cloud.\” 气凝胶是什么?轻若无物,花尖一朵“云” This is in fact a small boron Aerogels sample, it is very light, only 1% of the density of water. It SEM microstructure is this: 气凝胶是什么?轻若无物,花尖一朵“云” Aerogels what is it? We can imagine a three-dimensional network structure inside the \”corrals\” of the gel structure of water, and if the water therein are replaced by gas, that is, the airgel. Aerogels require special preparation processes. Airgel material because it is very very light and heat and favored by the people, including the protection of prospects and other aerospace equipment under extreme temperature conditions. But there are also a lot of the mechanical properties of aerogels problem is not stable enough, sharp temperature changes easily become vulnerable. After this time the researcher to make a more stable mechanical properties of the airgel, which can resist a high temperature for a week stay time of 1400 deg.] C, it may be sudden temperature changes (changes within a second temperature to 275 ° C) remains maintain their mechanical properties. While there are many future research needs to be done before the actual investment applications, but these materials appear to feel really very much.