What is the carbon airgel? Carbon airgel synthesis, application

What is the carbon airgel? Carbon airgel by small clearance hole (<50nm)互连的纳米尺寸颗粒(3-30nm)组成的独特的多孔材料。这种单片(连续)结构导致其具有非常大的表面积(400-1100m 2/g)和高导电率(25-100S/cm)。气凝胶的化学成分,微结构和物理性能可以实现纳米尺度控制,产生独特的光学,热学,声学,机械和电学性能。


​什么是碳气凝胶?碳气凝胶的合成、应用 Carbon aerogels Because of its unique structure, having a wide range of applications. In many of its applications, as carbon airgel is found in some electrochemical device performance of the electrode material is extremely prominent, most notably an air capacitor (aerocapacitor) and the electrical adsorption element (absorption cells) on the air capacitor (aerocapacitor) as a carbon airgel electrode, having a high power density, high energy density electrochemical double layer capacitor. this stored electrical energy by means of electrostatic charge separation at the electrode / electrolyte interface, and is used for load leveling power supplies and electric power train. in addition, based on adsorbed gas condensate electrical innovative technology plastic waste have been successfully used in cases of heavy metal from an aqueous waste and removing inorganic salts having various anions and cations flowing carbon airgel electrodes pile charged, an electric field is applied to the impurity separation of the electrolyte. this technique is non-polluting alternative to conventional separation deionization process, such as reverse osmosis and ion exchange, the most energy efficient, and potentially cost-effective means. airgel synthesis development, the air capacitor and the battery are adsorbed the key technology for the next decade. the latest progress in these areas offer great potential applications and unique challenges. develop low-cost, high-efficiency electric vehicles will play a key role in the development of hybrid vehicles in. is important it is electric availability adsorption process will compete with the current DI technology. this technology is currently in the development of technology provides a unique solution for the hazardous waste treatment and restoration of groundwater contamination. potential applications in a wide range of areas deserve special consideration and further development. Therefore custom carbon aerogels with special properties is a great challenge.