Why not have a mask machine create a mask, a mask is because of lack of core material: meltblown.

Why not have a mask machine create a mask, a mask is because of lack of core material: meltblown . the end of February, media reports, there are masks factory official said, meltblown currently one ton price rose to $ 300,000 and now there is no stock, a price one day. more than one month, many companies are converting masks, meltblown prices despite the price increase is large, but the country meltblown missing out badly, not so much meltblown supply market, now on the cards in the meltblown on the link.

meltblown What is

have been used to cut a medical mask, you will find: There are three masks, (inner) layer of moisture, (middle) filter core layer, and (layer) of water-repellent layer. 为什么有了口罩机还不能造出口罩,是因为缺口罩核心材料:熔喷布。 as produced in accordance with state regulations, surgical masks comprising at least three layers of nonwoven fabric (N95 masks level, optimized structure 🙁 middle layer) was filtered core layer number more, the thicker). Meltblown, commonly known as the mask of the \”heart\” is the middle layer of the mask filter, to filter bacteria, prevent the spread of germs. Is a meltblown polypropylene with a high melt index for the material, in random directions by a laminated film obtained by adding a number of criss-cross fiber, fiber diameter 0.5 to 10 m, fiber diameter about thirty hair one points. 为什么有了口罩机还不能造出口罩,是因为缺口罩核心材料:熔喷布。 The figure is meltblown structure Photo taken:

fly satisfied desktop scanning electron microscope Shooting

will see the picture you are not worried about such a big gap meltblown , is how the virus filtration environment it? While the novel coronavirus small size, about 100 nanometers (0.1 microns), but the virus can not exist independently, which mainly transmitted through secretions and droplets, the size of the droplets when sneezing about 5 microns, which is the a second, upper essentially a meltblown fiber filter, the virus-containing droplets near meltblown, will be electrostatically adsorbed on the surface, it can not be transmitted.

a schematic view of the fiber filter mechanism

S-layer and a mask layer although the M-specific raw materials are polypropylene resins, and other special material but meltblown nonwoven materials in the production process and there is a big difference in performance. 熔喷布 meltblownHow to the Compound meltblown polypropylene is a high melt index. The higher the melt index of the polypropylene, the more fine meltblown fibers, meltblown made of the better filterability.

meltblown Compound

Let\’s see how meltblown produced:

员工正对样品的熔融指数进行分析 staff are on the melt index of the sample were analyzed
It is reported, by the process optimization, Shanghai Petrochemical expected short-term re-increase of about 2 tons per day, to Nissan 8 tons meltblown specific material. To know more after the domestic meltblown niche, annual production capacity of 53,500 tons, accounting for 1% of non-woven production capacity, mainly for the production of masks, environmentally friendly materials, clothing, battery separators, and other products.

Content extension: Comparative N95 masks and a cross-sectional view of the medical surgical masks, SEM images can be clearly seen, surgical masks meltblown thickness of 156 microns and the level N95 masks meltblown layer thickness 521 m, is 3 times a surgical mask.

医用外科口罩截面图,飞纳台式扫描电镜拍摄 The medical surgical masks sectional view fly satisfied desktop scanning electron microscope imaging
N95 口罩截面图,飞纳台式扫描电镜拍摄 N95 masks sectional view fly satisfied desktop scanning electron microscope imaging
at present, Masks stock on international was empty, and the world are looking at the manufacturing country – China. Normal analysis, as long as we increase capacity, no amount of face masks can be made out. In actual fact, a little mask, we also stuck his neck. As described in the above video, meltblown is erupted, and the production of key components meltblown equipment \”nozzle\” To be imported from Germany, which is why not increase the capacity of the main reasons. If you solve the \”head\”, with capacity of our manufacturing power, Nissan more than ten one hundred million is not a problem. According to professional analysts pointed out that the domestic medical masks masks in particular, demand remains relatively strong, short-term memory in meltblown supply gap. With the recent international epidemic prevention and control increasingly serious, the greater the demand for masks, meltblown nonwoven prices are expected to further remain high.