World Architecture Day – light up the future life of new materials

Shelter building is that people rely on, is the art of human civilization coagulation. A robust insulation housing allows hard-working people remove the burden of the day, get rid of fatigue; a well-designed building will enable the viewer to watch, linger. In the field of building materials, energy, intelligence and beauty are the architects and scientists in pursuit of the goal. Today we take a look likely to be part of the broad application of new building materials in the future. ecological energy-saving materials – aerogels better insulation and heat insulation effect is living a comfortable living space essential requirements, Aerogels It is called a \”building the most promising areas of\” high-performance insulation materials. Although airgel with a \”gas\” word, but not gas, but a gas in place of the synthetic porous three-dimensional network structure of the gel material in the liquid component, is the world\’s lightest solid with incombustible or barrier combustion excellent performance characteristics and low thermal conductivity, low density, low refractive index. Specific to the construction sector, airgel insulation material can exert its ability in four areas. First, airgel materials can be used for roofs, walls and windows to reduce heat loss; second, airgel material non-flammable, and has a very low thermal conductivity, and therefore can use it to special renovated buildings to to protect them from accidental damage disaster such as a fire. Third, the low sound velocity of airgel material, non-flammability and also so strong absorption for building insulation, fire and air purification. Finally, the heat transfer coefficient than traditional insulation materials airgel insulation material is much greater, in order to meet the standards of sustainable housing, requires the use of a thicker material. The use of airgel material is able to greatly expand the living area. Intelligent Building materials – concrete intelligence With advances in technology, businesses are evolving towards intelligent direction, building materials no exception, concrete intelligence is one manifestation of this trend . Intelligent Concrete is 2012 just developed a new type of concrete, known as \”the strongest concrete world.\” Intelligent Concrete is mainly carried out in other high-strength concrete foundation on performance improvement, allowed to have a more complete performance, its smart mainly reflected in its ability to have strong liquidity and anti-segregation. In other words, smart concrete vibrators do not need to rely solely on its own gravity can be uniformly forming dense, which saves labor costs, so that more concrete pouring workPlus quick and easy, but also reduces the error manually, mechanically induced. Especially in some of the tubular member, the traditional method of pouring concrete very difficult to guarantee the tubular member can be filled with dense, if at this time to send the smart concrete stage, you can easily complete their own. So smart concrete in bridges, subway applications are more, such as high-speed construction Hangrui Beipanjiang Bridges on the use of smart concrete, construction to achieve a good effect. for the United States and raw materials – transparent concrete In 2010 Expo, Italian Pavilion uses a new type of building material to the building facade venues. This material looks like \”transparent cement\”, having both robustness cement, as like a light-transmissive glass. Light shines through the different textures of \”transparent cement\” Come in, creating a fantasy of color effects, attracted a large number of tourists eyes. The incident natural light also reduces indoor lighting. At the same time, people inside and outside the exhibition hall can also see each other through the \”transparent cement\”, interesting. This material is the transparent concrete. Such a transparent high fluidity concrete is made of concrete and a large number of optical fibers arranged according to certain rules. Since the optical fiber light guide having a certain property, the parallel distributed uniformly in concrete can play the role of transmitting light. With its translucent, transparent concrete under the irradiation of light striking profile will appear in the dark on the other side, this special decorative effect will make people feel light and crisp, breaking the traditional sense of depression and heavy concrete. If the concrete and fiber can also achieve gradual change in proportion of different transparency, if the change in the arrangement of transparent optical fiber concrete can take on different patterns, increase the aesthetics of the wall itself, with high appreciation value, positive more and more attention in the field of landscape design.