World\’s First! Airgel materials continuous automatic production completed China

In the just ended near Fifth China Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition (Zhejiang Division) and the Third Zhejiang areas \”Torch Cup\” innovation and entrepreneurship competition of new materials finals, a man named Jincheng Li entrepreneur with \”fourth-generation atmospheric drying technology production aerogels materials technology \”in the fierce competition, won the 10 strong competition, won the title of outstanding business Award. Three days later, he was carrying the project in Ningbo Hangzhou Bay New Area Venture Innovation Competition International Hangzhou Division semi-finals with the first results directly qualify for the finals. It is understood that with the \”highly innovative entrepreneurial public,\” the gradual deepening of Zhejiang has a strong entrepreneurial gene, entrepreneurship and innovation atmosphere rise, more and more high-level tournament, players come to play there is no lack of entrepreneurial Chinese Academy of Sciences, returnees, thousands of who plans to winner, the country\’s top experts, the jury of many well-known investors, entrepreneurs are also a professional and sharp. As a general science and technology entrepreneurs, Jincheng Li Shi what magic can conquer two high-level contest judges? Airgel, change the world of magical material with a material light as smoke, have a brilliant blue in the light, there is a material that can withstand high temperatures more than 1,000 degrees care of blooming flowers, there is a material can explode one kilogram of explosives power into the invisible, there is a material can transform crude oil \”SpongeBob SquarePants\” leaked adsorption at sea, there is a material you can wear it to climb mountains trip flames unscathed, there is a material Guinness Book of records record 15 …… magic material balderdash is not science fiction, it has come to our side, it is airgel. It is reported that the airgel is a porous structure having a nanometer lightweight solid material, the porosity may be as high as 99.8% in 1931, it has many magical properties in the field of electrical, optical, acoustical, mechanical, thermal, etc. by American scientists invention, is since the 1990s the 20th century, one of the top 10 science and technology, as a national strategic emerging industries, has great application value of dual-use technology. \”This product too has imagination, and I think for life undone.\” When it comes airgel, usually gentle Jincheng Li, immediately become passionate, \”airgel there are so many magical properties alone as is tradition insulation materials revolutionary alternative, there are billions of dollars in the future market, and now our domestic petrochemical industry, heat pipe network has received the application, we are nowTake high-speed rail is also used in the future garments, building energy and other fields will have a great prospect. \”Industrial determined to serve the country, was established in 2001 to join the airgel industrialization and NASA is closely related to the company\’s ASPEN, marking the beginning of the industrialization of the airgel real business sense. In 2004 the first domestic enterprise established and airgel airgel powder obtained in 2006 a successful pilot, Jincheng Li will become the first person in the airgel industrialization. as a pioneer, almost no industrial experience can learn, Jincheng Li to lead the technical team to go through thousands of tests after the failure, finally achieved airgel \”NHT dry-formed\” breakthrough technology in the country for the first time realized the mass production of airgel products, breaking the airgel product by the US monopoly situation. after they pioneered the development of airgel blankets, airgel plates, shaped pieces of airgel, airgel airgel lighting board and a series of products to achieve batch postpartum, due to the small airgel material market awareness, in order to open the market as soon as possible, and Jincheng Li go to the marketing department to become the pioneer of domestic oil fields, high-speed rail, nuclear power, new energy vehicles, mine rescue capsule, heat pipe network and many other airgel market of the end of 2014, with the continuous development of airgel industry, domestic the growing importance of energy saving, airgel industry ushered in the window of a large industrial development, Jincheng Li resolutely from a unit at the time worked for aerospace systems leave, the establishment of Shaoxing, Zhejiang St. Connaught energy-saving technology Co., Ltd., to develop new gas gel technology industry, embarked on the road of entrepreneurship and innovation. Jincheng Li, graduated from Southwest University of Science and Mianyang, undergraduate, master\’s, 7-year college years, he nurtured the courage to play, not afraid to challenge the character, and now he is committed to entrepreneurship and innovation, along the way, trying to pay made remarkable achievements, in his own words, \”finally returned to the beginning of the heart.\” cost and quality, one less price is the biggest obstacle to the application of airgel industry, once airgel material production costs can be significantly decreased, the market size will expand dramatically, product sales also expanded rapidly, and a revolutionary alternative to traditional insulation materials. at the same time, airgel materials prone to dust during use also customers eager to improve. will \”improve the customer experience to consistently create maximum value for customers\” as the company\’s mission Jincheng Li,From business day, around it to reduce costs and solve the dust problem, made tireless efforts. Inf, by using an inexpensive water glass instead of expensive silicone material, instead of expensive equipment using atmospheric supercritical high-pressure equipment, Ceno saving technology developed a new generation pressure drying technology, equipment investment and production costs significantly reduced , is extremely competitive, and properly solve the airgel dust problems for the company\’s future development has laid a solid foundation. Continuous automatic, some people are destined to break through impossible love toss, perhaps Jincheng Li is such a person. After obtaining airgel dust control production costs and a major breakthrough, St. Enoch energy conservation has gained a significant technological advantage relative to peers, this alone should be enough for survival and development of the company for some time, but Jincheng Li is not satisfied. \”Now all manufacturers in our industry are intermittent production line of semi-automatic production line, is not a continuous fully automatic, so can not do!\” Tone a bit stubborn. From aerospace high-tech products, ready to embrace the era of Industry 4.0, how can you stay in the mode of production of industrial 2.0 do? In fact, the traditional airgel production technology, there is indeed difficult to achieve fully automated \”difficulties\”: First, the production requires a large number of reactor can be uncapped, hoisting the material out of the reactor through the entire volume of traffic, the lifting process, although simple, but difficult to fully automatic operation; the second is the traditional production process of each process time does not match, very different, and from a few minutes to ten hours or even days, unable to pipeline operations. Colleagues say that sometimes to see him sit one morning to find information buried without a word, and sometimes stop to write about painting all torn away, sometimes suddenly went laboratory fiddle or two. Just when we almost forgot this thing is fully automated, one day he suddenly said excitedly, I seem to find a solution. A round of trials down, first ten hours, then eight hours and then six hours, \”Well, we can not be more than six hours to prepare airgel out quickly finish all the processes, we will implement a new production line feeding a discharge, without any intermediate artificial a continuous automated production. \”applause, maniac won. Jincheng Li tutor during the Master Southwest University of Science and Technology, the integration of military and civilian research vice president of Sichuan prone to professor told reporters, \”If the airgel to achieve continuous automatic production, the production history of the airgel material in aMilestone event. Not only will improve the efficiency of 3-5 times, enhance product quality and stability, enhance the level of production safety, reduce labor to ease recruitment difficulties and other aspects have a significant meaning, in addition to fully automatic production line covering less, but compared to the traditional kettle body web mainly applicable equipment, automatic production line crawler can be well compatible with the production of flexible sheet, plate, film, powders and granules and other products. \”It is reported that about a fourth-generation pressure drying mass production techniques, Jincheng Li team has applied for 30 patents for inventions, also filed a PCT international patent, will gradually build a multi-level system of patent protection, to seize the commanding heights of industry. Innovation business, open a new era in the National Science and Technology innovation Conference 2016, the General Secretary Xi Jinping stressed powerful engine to launch scientific and technological innovation, so that the ship of China towards the world technological power continues to advance toward the great rejuvenation of Chinese nation continues to advance toward human a better future to continue moving forward. before Li Keqiang Prime Minister also pointed out that in recent years our scientific and technological achievements continue to emerge, in a period of quantitative to qualitative changes must pay more attention to original innovation ability, promote basic research and applied research, technology development through cooperation, to achieve the original innovation and re-innovation, integrated innovation and integration burst. aerogels are widely used basic strategic frontier of new materials, airgel Chinese industry started almost simultaneously with the world, academia and industry 10 years of hard work, the Chinese airgel industry already has one of the world-class possibilities.