Wuhan municipal government to make a serious deal WIT Zone airgel project environmental law issues

Recently, the municipal government of Xinzhou WIT Zone Aerogels project without obtaining the approval of the EIA document is started equipment installation, Xinzhou District leaders and relevant departments in a timely manner to urge the rectification is not in the environment illegal construction projects not included in rectification work revamp the list of other issues were severely punished, for the three city management cadres leadership responsibility to give admonishing remarks, respectively, serious warning, removal from office and other treatment, the Xinzhou District Commission , the district government to be criticized. Xinzhou District Environmental Protection Bureau instructed the party group of two law enforcement officers in handling the problem of heavy remedied airgel project environmental law enforcement uncivilized behavior. March 2017, Xinzhou District Environmental Protection Bureau for filing the above someone\’s business law, ordered to stop construction, a decision by an administrative penalty of 5% of the investment project. The municipal government asked the district departments should attach great importance to environmental protection work, learn profound lessons from this incident, resolutely implement the environmental protection responsibility, continue to carry out investigation and rectification outstanding issues of environmental protection work, stringent environmental regulation and law enforcement to crack down on environmental violations , environmental protection and ecological civilization construction work dereliction of duty, to be found together with the investigation, will not be tolerated.