Xuzhou organizing large-scale demonstrations of new technologies airgel fire

To help \”2019 China Security and Emergency Technology and Equipment Exhibition\”, October 26, by the Office of Emergency Management, Jiangsu Province, Xuzhou city government, city Emergency Management Agency, the city fire brigade, environmental protection and new materials Anwar Institute co-sponsored large-scale aerogels fire extinguishing demonstration of new technology in Xuzhou City fire emergency rescue training Center expansion, the province\’s cities and counties (cities, districts) and state-level development zones and emergency management systems Xuzhou city government leaders, relevant department heads attended the event. 徐州举办大型气凝胶灭火新技术演示会 It is understood that Anwar Institute of new materials and environmental protection Ordnance Group, and Aerospace Science and Industry jointly developed a variety of high-end smart fire protection systems, including unmanned aerial vehicles airgel, intelligent servo fire systems, rocket forest fire extinguishing system, high-rise building fire suppression systems. 徐州举办大型气凝胶灭火新技术演示会 Demo has provided high-concentration ethanol fire, F-based high-temperature cooking oil fires, fires Gasoline 55B, 2A crib fire, gas fire 183B, transformer oil fires, spontaneous combustion rail vehicles, petrochemical simulated fire extinguishing flowing ground, wood also carried out based flame 0.5A Comparative demonstration, 80 cm long by 2 meters of gas fuel tank fire automatic identification presentation, airgel automatic fire extinguishing system of 10 m in diameter oil tank level full fire extinguished presentation 20s. The entire demo distinct characteristics, good results, the highlight of the play, the audience warmly applauded, said they like to shake.