Yan Extension Technology staff actively participate in fire safety lectures

To further enhance the level of fire safety, fire spread knowledge, raise awareness of fire safety, prevention of self-help self-defense capability and the ability to fire. At 10:00 on May 19, Hunan Rock New Material Technology Co. Extension staff in fire safety lectures Changsha High-tech Development Zone, Science Park and the core city fire brigade organization of high-tech zones, fire safety knowledge training. 岩拓科技全体员工积极参与消防安全知识讲座 High-tech Zone Fire Brigade by a large number of real-world examples in real life video, slide to you about electrical safety, home fire knowledge, the safe use of gas, cooking pots and fuel the fire the fire early disposal. High-tech Zone Fire Brigade also described the serious consequences brought about after the fire, and how to do it after the fire prevention and self-rescue, evacuation and how to safely escape, how to master fire extinguishers, anti (toxic) smoke masks the proper use of fire equipment methods were focused on explaining. 岩拓科技全体员工积极参与消防安全知识讲座 岩拓科技全体员工积极参与消防安全知识讲座 one shocking scene of the fire scene and post-disaster scene, shocked all residents to come to lectures. High-tech Zone Fire Brigade patiently and carefully to demonstrate the use of various types of fire equipment to our site, easy to understand so that we explain the interest increased sharply, we have on-site interactive and actively participate in the presentation, with good results. The fire safety lectures, so that participants profound understanding of the importance of fire safety, fire enrich knowledge, improve fire awareness and self-help capabilities, to achieve the \”everyone is treated fire safety education for all, to enhance fire safety consciousness \”of the target, the easy way to enhance the Authority to carry out fire prevention work and the ability to fire. 岩拓科技全体员工积极参与消防安全知识讲座 岩拓科技全体员工积极参与消防安全知识讲座 \”wealth can be recycled, life can not be repeated.\” Through this seminar, we learned not only to fire safety knowledge, more aware of the importance of fire safety, further enhancing the fire safety awareness and the scene of the fire escape self-help skills. They have said, we must bear in mind the hearts of the fire safety knowledge and to explain the propaganda of family and friends, so that more people raise awareness of fire safety.