Yang Dayong Tianjin University research group published DNA polymer hydrogel study systematically reviewed

Recently, School of Chemical Engineering and Technology Professor Yang Dayong Task Force Review of the top journals in the field of polymer \” Progress in Polymer Science \”(IF = 24.505) delivered a presentation entitled\” Polymeric DNA hydrogel: Design, Synthesis and Applications \”review papers, reviews the progress of DNA hydrogel polymer materials from the perspective of the system. The main authors include Tianjin University School of Chemical Engineering Professor Li Fengfu and graduate students Tang Jian & Poor\’s , Geng Jinhui ; partners include Rodin professor at Cornell University It provides important guidance and advice to this article. DNA is the core genetic material of living systems to guide biological development and operation of vital functions. Chemically material, the DNA is a natural biopolymer, a synthetic polymer having incomparable characteristics. For example: complementary base pairing properties of DNA having a precise, efficient self-assembly capability; DNA sequence diversity adjustable, controllable precise structure, having a rich stimulus responsive; natural evolution of diverse biological impart enzyme, in a molecule can be level for accurate operation of the DNA; DNA has good biocompatibility and biodegradability. Thus, in recent years, scientists synthesized DNA motifs as more DNA construct functional polymer materials. Wherein, DNA hydrogels are an important class of DNA material are DNA structural motif to build a three-dimensional polymer network, thriving in recent years. DNA hydrogel both the use of a skeleton structure of the hydrogel, but also retain the biological function of the DNA, to achieve a perfect integration of the hydrogel material structure and function, in the delivery of the biosensor, drugs, cell culture, protein synthesis, intelligent device , environmental protection and other fields showed a wide range of applications. Author of its own research, starting from the structural characteristics of DNA molecules of DNA hydrogels aspects of design principles, preparation, application development and other functional regulation and made a comprehensive introduction and commentary, of the hydrogel development of DNA iconic work done comprehensive sort, explore the DNA hydrogels in different application scenarios excellentAnd potential shortage of challenges in the field of DNA hydrogels, potential solutions and future directions do in-depth discussion. DNA polymer materials development is still in the ascendant, based on the characteristics of the DNA molecule itself, on the one hand to display their fists in the precision and accuracy of chemical synthesis, on the other hand, has a more unexpected structure or function of the new material is expected to continue to be synthesized, more exciting applications also need to develop. This review article hope to encourage more polymer materials scientist and expert knowledge, recognize and intervene in this area, work together to promote the development of DNA polymer materials.

FIG 1. DNA Hydrogel material is a new biological functions, widely used in the biomedical area.
FIG. 2. DNA Hydrogel the ascendant, the future can be expected.

Original link: https://doi.org/10.1016/j.progpolymsci.2019.101163