Yin Fudan trimmer team produced the highest conductivity Weyl half-metal material – niobium arsenide nanoribbons

March 19, top international journals in materials \”natural materials\”, published trimmer Yin Fudan University team latest research paper, \”Weyl half arsenide niobium metal nano-band ultra-high electrical conductivity,\” prepared a two-dimensional system having the highest known conductivity Weyl half-metal material – niobium arsenide nanoribbons. 复旦大学修发贤团队制作出最高导电率的外尔半金属材料-砷化铌纳米带 electrically conductive material is the basis for the electronic industry, copper is now the main materials, have been used to interconnect large-scale wire transistor. Information Age, computers and smart devices become smaller, the amount of signal transmission explosive growth chip tens of millions of hair-thin transistor interconnect wire \”delivery pressure\” will increase. When becomes thin copper into two dimensions, resistance increases, conductivity deteriorates rapidly, a substantial increase in power consumption. It is also important bottleneck restricting the further development of integrated circuit chips and other technology. Yin trimmer team newly developed material with nano-niobium arsenide conductivity copper thin film is one hundred times, a thousand times graphene. Professor of Physics Fudan trimmer Yin: we use of niobium chloride, hydrogen also utilizes three elements arsenic put them to prepare such arsenide niobium nanoribbon chemical reaction with, such a material which has a surface a surface state, the electronic surface states allows quick passage of the above, we can say that we have created a green channel, so, in low-dimensional scale, you can make low-energy electron quickly through the fall from the sky. At the same time, different from the superconducting materials can only be applied at several degrees below zero ultra-low temperature, high conductivity mechanism of new materials arsenide niobium is still valid even at room temperature. This finding is also looking for high-performance conductor provides a feasible way for materials science, there is great value in reducing energy consumption and other electronic devices. Fudan University physics professor trimmer Yin: Our phone fever, your body, there are two reasons, the transistor itself and the current flowing through these heat (interconnection) lead wire generated heat, that we are to solve the problem that is, heat conductor, our use of this material can be in this regard. Materials Information Description: \”! China\’s manufacturing industry overall upgrade, traced, real upgrade from the basic materials, core components and production technology, core competencies in this area must be firmly clutched in the hands of the Chinese people.\” CPPCC member and president of laser Institute of Beijing University of Science and technology Daily Pu said in an interview with reporters: \”core material, core components and core technology are long-term national industryDevelopment groups. \”复旦大学修发贤团队制作出最高导电率的外尔半金属材料-砷化铌纳米带 In high power fiber laser technology he studied the example, the core device and relates to a core material drawn special optical fiber, it needs to import high-purity silica rod and the gas source,\” or we less people, the cost or do not fall down, in short, he stuck his neck. \”Newspaper-depth investigation found that the problem raised by members of Pu, is the basis of academic materials and new materials industry issues of common concern such as, a ton of copper cathode, the market price of 50,000 yuan;. This developed countries by tons of raw copper manufacturing, C19400 copper lead frame chip, the import price up to 10 yuan a ton! 50,000 yuan per ton price difference, what difference? Beijing Nonferrous Metal Research Institute engaged in research expert Professor Wang Qiang Song copper alloy materials development, told Technology Daily reporter, C19400 conventional lead frame material, in addition to the production process and cast molding and links annealing, solution heat treatment and aging performance is a critical step to obtain excellent tensile strength can be obtained by controlling the key 500 MPa or materials, electrical conductivity of 60% -65% IACS, is currently the mainstream products lead frame material, a conservative estimate of the market capacity of 100,000 tons -15 tons / year. \”C19400 is a typical representative of basic industrial materials, but not irreplaceable. \”Wang Qiang Song said:\” We are starting from the theory, we have been looking for material with a modified \’casting gene\’ is. From the beginning of the end of 2017, our team found that the addition of new copper airgel nano-particles while maintaining the tensile strength of 500MPa, conductivity of at least 10% -15%, while the decline in the difficulty of process control technology, manufacturing costs decline also up to 2000-3000 yuan per ton. \”He believes that the airgel copper nanoparticles modified to such a degree that could be called disruptive technology breakthroughs. He is promoting the industrialization of this technology methods, it has led to several rounds of intelligence agencies to inquire into the US market, and related technology due to the large investment, high risk, yet successful completion of the pilot curing process, large-scale industrialization of the road was difficult obstacles. Wang Qiang Songti to the core material airgel, is \”Science\” magazine as the world\’s most promising ten one new material as the world\’s lightest solid, low thermal conductivity material, which shows a peculiar characteristic thermal, optical, electrical, mechanical, acoustic, and other fields, a dual-use new materials have great application value The global airgel largest manufacturer Aspen aerogels company LiBelonging to NASA, its expensive products are used in aerospace, military and oil fields. Civil-military integration invited settled in Zhongguancun industrial park airgel bulk materials manufacturers Hongda Technology Chairman Li Guangwu said that the current global airgel production of raw materials can be only 60,000 m3 / year, a full set of domestic independent R & D design process localization of equipment capacity of up to 10,000 m3 / year, investment was only one-twentieth of Aspen, it has to break the blockade of foreign patents. Li Guangwu very wary of foreign intelligence agencies snoop airgel downstream industry technology roadmap. He said that multi-national patent even if the application, but use it to enhance the high-performance modified copper and other industrial materials processing products, is still facing due to the low end of production path dependence and the emergence of upgrade Caton phenomenon, great value \”magic material\” can not get reflected in the short term. \”Sometimes technology roadmap is a layer of paper windows, as we already know, need full speed to the next round of new materials industry occupied the market, get rid of the strangle hold of fate.\” Wang Qiang loose quite anxious. Pu members felt that airgel and other new materials, like graphene, its excellent properties continue to be discovered, full attention should be obtained from the national strategic policy to develop research system design, from investment funds to support the precise docking with the strategic vision industry upgrade system support. electrically conductive material Introduction: 复旦大学修发贤团队制作出最高导电率的外尔半金属材料-砷化铌纳米带 electrically conductive material comprises conductive rubber and conductive plastics. The resin and the conductive substance are mixed, functional polymer processing performed by the processing methods of plastics. Mainly used in electronics, integrated circuit package, an electromagnetic wave shielding. Is a silver glass conductive rubber, silver plated aluminum, silver or other conductive particles uniformly distributed in the silicone rubber, the conductive particles are contacted by the pressure, to achieve a good conductivity.