Your education beyond the number of people

If you are a doctor

你的学历超越了多少人 Chinese population of nearly 1.4 billion (2017 data 1390080000) is only 800,000 (1978-2017 sum) this ratio Dr country with only extremely the five seven that is 5.7 ‱ will throw a million people on the playground, just full of standard playground but the full field, Dr. head in to find out but only enough to stop a five podium and I stood in the playground crowd, and even see your face. Incidentally, the proportion of Chinese millionaires is 13.4 ‱ thought and multimillionaire Dr. pandas are rare and no one thought Dr. pandas in the panda

If you are a master

你的学历超越了多少人 a hundred people on the graph, you can not even find a \”complete\” Master Master because the proportion of the country\’s total population is just six thousandths point two that is, 6.2 ‰ Masters walk the streets? Well, this is not only the street long enough, and this man\’s eyes are really good. After all, spring is also a crowded than the streets, looking for six graduate students, which is more difficult than catch a few thieves much more difficult. Incidentally, the proportion of Chinese millionaires is 2.5 ‰, it feels harder it will be able to catch a millionaire.

If you are undergraduate students

你的学历超越了多少人 We always knew university enrollment rapidly, but perhaps the first time you saw this steep curve. Then as a steep curve of this article, you can sit tight in China\’s rare rankings do? Unfortunately, too many undergraduates do extra, so that the proportion of out on an order of magnitude than the master. 你的学历超越了多少人 As of 2018, the number of undergraduate country\’s total population is about 3.93% Although you not rare animals, but it seems it\’s not so common? After college you have more than 96 percent of the country\’s people. Some people say that man as a dog, I think the. But if the college as much as dogs, sorry, let me recognize the data, the dog is not happy.

If you are a college

When you mention college, always seems to be a look of anguish, like to complain about the school\’s ringEnvironment and education, but also like to regret those who sweat less flow but when you self-hatred sorrow, have thought about whether, in fact, you\’re still good? 你的学历超越了多少人 people know there will always be limitations, you think of things as it should perhaps not the case, the reality of this situation there are too many. How to better understanding of the world, some say, more reading, I think this is a solution. Some also say that more exchanges with others, I think this is a solution. But I think the data is perhaps a solution. This is perhaps one of the reasons why I like data. your bracelet, you know better than your health, your Taobao record, you know better than your preferences, why not try to listen to the voice data of it, maybe she can tell you more.