Zhejiang large forestry students to overcome problems of environment-friendly preparation of airgel lignin

Recently, learned from the Zhejiang Agriculture and Forestry University, Graduate School of Engineering sophomore Wang Chao research paper \”prepared by using cellulose as a high adhesive strength, excellent sound and thermal insulation properties of lignin Aerogels \” ( \”Cellulose as an Adhesion Agent for the Synthesis of Lignin Aerogel with Strong Mechanical Performance, Sound-Absorption and Thermal Insulation\”), the \”natural\” August 26, 2016 the ( \”Nature\”) Publishing Group\’s important publication \” scientific report \”(\” scientific reports \”) was published, this article introduces the Chao research results and their host team to carry out environmental protection work and lignin airgel situation. Airgel is a solid material form, also called xerogel. When the gel off most of the solvent, the gel content is much less than in the liquid content of the solids, or gel spatial network structure is filled with a gas medium, the look as a solid, which is the xerogel, but also called airgel. Airgel, as one of the world\’s lightest solid, light weight, sound absorption and high strength, excellent thermal insulation characteristics, it is widely used in tissue engineering, a controlled release system, blood purification, biomedicine, agriculture, water purification, chromatography, super efficient thermal insulation material, the sensor may also be efficient in a rechargeable battery, a super capacitor, and a catalyst carrier, a gas filter materials, cosmetics, etc. have a great prospect. Airgel is a lignin lignin as the main raw material for preparing aerogels, with environmental and economic advantages, in recent years become relevant scientific experts in the field are important research direction. However, lignin airgel mainly difficult molding and other aspects of the problem, restricted the development and utilization of lignin airgel. As Wood Science and Technology Institute of Professional Engineering, Zhejiang Agriculture and Forestry University graduate student, Wang Chao and his team from the end of last year started to pay attention to the subject, and began to try to use environmentally friendly materials under the guidance of instructors Jinchun De and Sun Qingfeng, the development of high-intensity, noise insulation lignin-performance airgel. After several tests, they eventually selected as the adhesive cellulose, successful light weight, high strength prepared,Excellent sound insulation properties lignin airgel. Such devices lignin airgel and airgel as normal, but because the use of environmentally friendly materials – cellulose as adhesive, eco-friendly material not only solves the lignin forming airgel is difficult problem, and lignin airgel prepared by this technique, with green pollution, high strength, excellent sound insulation performance, etc., to be excellent in the adhesive properties of the cellulose prepared as lignin world\’s first proposed airgel Research. Chao and his collaborators for research, which is research group leader Professor Jin Chunde think, the research group developed environmentally friendly lignin airgel, a wide range of market applications, capture the technology for further development of more environmentally friendly, more performance strong airgel is also important. He believes that strong students\’ ability to innovate, especially new ideas, new methods to actively explore scientific research in the future, great potential for academic research in related fields. \”Scientific Reports\” (Impact Factor: 5.228) is a famous British \”Nature Publishing Group\” (Nature Publishing Group) owned publications, including biology, chemistry, physics and earth science, etc., all the natural sciences, in the field of international academic It has significant influence.