Zhejiang University superb team: basic research and application development of graphene

2013 Youth Science and Technology Award winner twelfth Zhejiang Province. Professor of Polymer Science and Engineering, Zhejiang University, doctoral tutor, director of the Institute of Polymer Science. Research on graphene materials mainly engaged. 2013 National Outstanding Youth Fund, Ministry of Science and in 2014 was selected \”Innovative programs to promote young scientific and technological innovation leading talent\”, 2015, elected to the national \”people plan\” scientific and technological innovation leading talent. Set a record at that time the world\’s lightest material \”all carbon airgel\”, but the weight of 0.16 milligrams per cubic centimeter, not only won the Guinness Book of World Records, was also awarded the World Innovation Forum \”Golden Kangaroo\” Innovation Award; short short a few seconds to complete the charging of the new aluminum – graphene \”super\” battery charge cycle after the release 250,000 times still full power and demonstrate heat, frost, repeated bending without compromising performance, etc., are Zhejiang University of polymer Science and Engineering superb research team achieved. \”Shi Tao copper and iron to make romantic. Information Age silicon single show. Quantum era dominated what, a graphite forefront of legislation.\” This is a superb scientist literature-loving, poetry-ene material for the creation of graphite, and his own research process, and as the poems, in the field of graphene Yong forefront, filling romantic. Teenage determined as early as the beginning of the heart do not change during high school, is particularly interested in the chemical superb, very good grades in chemistry, chemical also participated in many competitions. Because love, superb at the time of the chemical were more understanding, we know organic chemical industry, especially organic polymer materials, such as plastic, rubber, fiber, both associated with the sciences, but also related to the project. These are high in every industry contribution rate of China\’s national economy. Therefore, how to talk on the road to chemical research, superb joke, \”I can say the chemical is a soft spot. So when the college entrance examination to fill volunteer, did not hesitate to choose the chemical.\” Since then, from bachelor to doctorate and then Ph.D., from Hunan to Shanghai, then to overseas until settled in West Lake, has always insisted superb road chemistry research. Now talking about the choice of a teenager, superb still feel happy. Because this is the perfect combination of personal interests and career choices. When scientists childhood dream, all the way to stick to the road of scientific research, not forgetting the beginning of the heart, only to achieve the dream of the year, but also in continuous exploration, open up a new world for the world. \”In the course of the study, generated whenever a good idea, even if the idea is no specific implementation, but also see the knotAs a result, we all feel very happy, and why? This is because in the exploration of the unknown world. Knowledge, to describe a circle with a painting, it has a limit, then this knowledge if you can limit some point out to promote a little bit, this is a very happy very happy thing. \”Superb said. Inertia break from zero renewed\” first, best, most \”. This is a superb idea on their own and team members proposed. This is the unswerving pursuit of his own in 2001, obtained his Ph.D. superb Shanghai Jiaotong University and worked as a teacher. in August 2002, was named associate professor. November 2003 to August 2006 worked in the Department of Chemistry, University of Sussex, UK, Sir Harold W. Kroto laboratory (the discovery of C60 won the 1996 Nobel Prize in Chemistry) , Toyo University in Japan, visit the University of Bayreuth in Germany and did post-doctoral research. 浙江大学高超团队:石墨烯基础研究与应用开发 everything is hard in the beginning, in the new city, a new workplace, superb faced with many challenges. small laboratory area, start-up funds tight, with no hardware the size of the team, the most difficult times, even going famished, when the pressure is great, especially in front of three years, all kinds of conditions are not as they are now easing, can be said to be from scratch. However, this has been maintained superb a very optimistic attitude, he said, \”so there are actually disadvantages favorable. The main advantage is that it is a good exercise for people, prompted me to rack their brains to think deeply, you do not need to pay big bucks to find some way to achieve research breakthroughs, reduce dependence on hardware devices. \”Fang article is a postdoctoral researcher superb research team, before joining superb team, his research has been the catalyst direction, superb main research is graphene. Both great span, party articles need to adapt to this new field and superb mentor\’s remarks made him suddenly, superb said to him: \”as a brave researchers, can try a new field, so that more of their own challenges, you can also reach more things. Innovation and originality of scientific research often requires cross-border. \”With the continuous progress of scientific research, superb and he led the team has made a another achievement, published more than 100 SCI papers. In this regard, superb said twenty years ago or even earlier, when we pay more attention to the number of papers, the so-calledThe number of papers SCI. In fact, when he had just embarked on the road of scientific research, Mr. Yan Deyue mentor had told him that the paper quality is more important than quantity. This is also superb value most, \”every article we have to treat very seriously. We value every article, you are engaged in this small field, to solve the problem, what contributed ideas to others What inspired that is, its core values ​​lie, this is the most important. \”\” our papers published so far been cited 10,000 times. citations is relatively clear of a standard. \”superb said, \”of course this also. we often talk about the long term master, what is the master? For example, a decade ago the scientists to do a job, not many people may first decade of reference, but the next 50 years, suddenly cited soaring up research in this field heat up, and that is the master, he had a decade or 50 years than the rest of us to think and explore. so the real classic work, have long-term effects .50 years later there are people you see in this article, that is really valuable. \”mission served bravely tide,\” the teacher is a very high sense of mission. he said graphene research of our country in the international arena is also not lagging behind he through his expertise, efforts to promote the industry develop faster and greater progress for the country and society. he has a subtle influence on us, I think he has done very well. \”Guo for doctoral students tutor full of admiration. For the mission of the word, superb has its own understanding, he believes, as a research worker, sense of mission can be divided into several levels. The first level is to put money into knowledge, money is the state\’s investment, investment is money, we are more efficient than put it into knowledge, every penny spent on cutting edge make the country a greater output the scientific value. The second level is the science into products, that knowledge into wealth, the research results by transformation of incubation, and finally into the product, and then sold into commodities, and finally generate wealth and contribute to society. A higher level of mission, to see whether to create a superb considered subversive for the development of an industry. Certain industries, such as chips, engine, carbon fiber, etc., which we develop backward areas of the country, as researchers, to subvert the status quo can not happen? If we can achieve a breakthrough research in these areas, combined with the real needs of national development, changing the wholeEco-industries, this is the live mission. This philosophy is reflected not only in the course of his research, but also in the process of converting his practice in scientific and technological achievements. Is a superb scientist, and he also founded the company, is also an entrepreneur. He said that entrepreneurial scientists, entrepreneurs and ordinary should be different. \”The starting point for business or scientist mission is not simply to make money, but to be transformed by the outcome of the first scientific studies prove that there is real value followed by your original technical contributions to the healthy development of the industry play a benchmark role. Finally, to promote social progress and better through continuous innovation of their products, improve living standards and the development of human civilization. \”