Zhejiang University superb team developed a highly stretchable elastomeric total carbon airgel

There seems to be a natural universal law, glass, ceramic materials generally are such inorganic brittle and hard, no flexibility, and an organic material such rubber toughness, elastic foot, it can be stretched repeatedly. How inorganic materials become like organic material that can rebound, a lot of efforts to target the world\’s scientists. This team among them Professor Gao Chao Department of Polymer Science and Engineering, Zhejiang University. Recently, their research breakthrough has been made, designed to prepare a full carbon airgel highly stretchable elastomer, and exhibits excellent performance in the future is expected to apply in a plurality of flexible devices, intelligent robots and aerospace field. Papers published in the internationally renowned journal \”Nature Communications\”, co-first author doctoral Guo Fan, Jiangyan Qiu, Xu Zhen corresponding author for the Distinguished Research Fellow, superb professor. 浙江大学高超团队研发出高度可拉伸全碳气凝胶弹性体 development of materials science has been closely associated with human civilization. Now we already have a wide variety of materials. But scientists worry that the inorganic material resistant to high temperature but not elastic, resilient organic material but intolerant of high temperatures. If an inorganic material can be developed, at the same time maintaining the high temperature resistance have a certain elasticity, nice ah. \”This will expand the use of material and we do science is to break the nature of the substance, in order to discover new performance, look for new uses.\” The research team in the development of this new material, the inorganic material is a carbon focus. Because carbon specific conductivity, provides more possibilities for future applications. They found that the polymer elastomer, such as rubber, is a molecular chain structure, like a soft cotton group, there are a lot of places tangles can be opened, when an external force to remove these polymer \”cotton\” entangled again into coils. Inorganics that he could not stretch and then rebound, because there is no similar structure. At this time, a superb team move out of their old research partner, graphene. They want to create a number of folds in \”one piece\” graphene, a stretchable polymer \”having a structure line\” expansion graphene becomes stretchable \”Zhituan structure\”, to improve the spreading of graphene sex. Learn biology team concept, looking for answers from the muscles and joints of stretching, designed like a conventional drawdown lanterns structure, and print it in 3D technology, by limiting the compression setting, the formation of some \”wrinkles.\” At this time, the graphene material may be stretched to 100%. Continued stretching graphene \”piece\”Crack occurs between the molecular structure of how to do the introduction of another group nanomaterial -? Nanotubes, marked between the graphene sheet\” patch \”Thus, the graphene can be stretched. . 200% superb professor said that total carbon airgel elastomer has excellent fatigue properties, in 200% stretched state, stable circular ring of at least 100; at 100Hz, the state of strain of 1%, prior stable recycling at least a million times. \”Some studies are coated with an inorganic material on the organic material, in order to achieve stretching. Our present approach is to change the properties of the material itself. \”The prospects for the future development of this new material, Professor Gao Chao said, can be applied to the simulation of the robot associated with conductive elastomer, such as electronic skin, and so on.\” Greater significance, we hope to open up a new field of study. When we are studying the compression performance of airgel, we hope to put it another thought, stretching from research in this direction. \”浙江大学高超团队研发出高度可拉伸全碳气凝胶弹性体 and love graphene superb team of the past 10 years.\” Graphene itself is a \’small\’ material. International research field has its nanoscale structural analysis was very thorough, and we wanted to see it assembled become \’big\’ what happens after. \”After 2008, 10 years ago, was introduced superb added polymer-based Zhejiang University, set himself a clear new direction of research – graphene using a macro assembled his songs to explain the study.\” Autumn, line of geese fly south, one will be arranged in a herringbone shape for a row. \”When a group of geese in flight, we are able to see the shape of geese, but rather when a goose flying in the air, it is difficult to see its structure. LCD discovered phenomenon of graphene oxide by cohort effects team in one experiment, the team members graphene oxide poured into a cup, against accidental flash of light, found the cup with the emergence of color. this is what causes it? deeper investigation team found that the graphene oxide concentration in solution reached when a certain threshold, will spontaneously oriented arrangement, not only the flow can also be a highly ordered. another experiment, the two members of the graphene oxide fibers together, After a child, the two fiber actually \”weld\” in . with the original graphene oxide has a \”self-convergence\” art found starting from two, the team \”and shift\” the four invention: graphene fiber, graphene film assemblyGraphene foam, non-woven graphene, research published in \”Nature Communications\” and \”advanced materials\” and other well-known international journals. Superb that class struggle is to keep out, \”does not mean doing a job on the line, but to continue to advance.\” In team building, superb very stressed \”first-class\” that have a first-class culture, first-class platform, first-class treatment, first-class final output results. He often told the students, he said: \”.. First of research to exert ourselves, the struggle to discover, the invention also strive to make research results into useful products to society, so that science and technology is developed, so that the country is developed\” from the initial a few people, and now dozens of people, superb team from \”a goose\” to the development of the \”group of geese.\” For the past predicament research money to buy equipment remember for the future, superb said he would insist on continuing efforts at first, the ultimate and influence three levels.