Zhuhai State-kai new material company Tempered \”Chinese gel first unit\”

Recently, the reporter production in Zhuhai State-kai New Materials Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as \”good new material\”) thriving scene saw one of the busy scene, automated production plant made of gel product is transferred to the endless stream of automatic packaging machines Packaging workers are busy collecting together the packaged goods sealing sent to the warehouse. guojia new material New Year sales booming \”After seven early start, we will go. After many years of company orders, the workers overtime is still a lot of pressure alone.\” National Dong Jia new material secret Zhou Zhihui told reporters, as China\’s first specialized in the core polymer gel materials research and development, production and sales of state-level high-tech enterprises, State-kai new material after 10 years of development, has now become the polymer gel material industry leaders, into the fast lane. science and technology research, Japan and Germany to break the technological monopoly Today, when a child has a fever, the young mother who will not be like the older generation as the children apply cold towel bar, but will find physical cooling of essential goods – cooling paste. Japan 20 years ago, this cooling artifact developed, which is the main core is synthesized polymer hydrogel. Gel core material is the key to Japan as the state-controlled materials and state-controlled technology, firmly in the hands of the Japanese and German companies. In 2002, China\’s first eco-smart will release gel material included in the national R & D and industrialization of science and technology during the 15 major projects. State chairman Wang Haibo good new material as \”major national special water-saving eco-smart field gel task group,\” chief scientist at the National (863) project in 2003, was the investment in Zhuhai, Zhuhai State-kai founded new materials and technologies. After several years of research, the technical team led by Wang Haibo first breakthrough in manufacturing technology gels, won 17 national invention patents, and created a Chinese gel patches industry. Guojia new material on the latest achievements of the 863 projects of the industrialization of polymer gel, its cooling paste product moisture content up to 80%, higher than human skin moisture content of about 70%, more than similar foreign products, cooling effect better. Guojia new material production of \”Bing Bing\” brand cooling paste products total sales currently account for more than 60% of the national market share. Make \”Chinese gel first unit,\” Zhou Zhihui told reporters that the country\’s good new material to the polymer gel technology as the core, the gel materialMaterial as a carrier, to expand the industrial application of health and beauty and energy saving from two directions to the material + technology + capital model layout and open up the industry chain three gel (hydrogel ecological health of the industry chain, airgel new energy-saving materials industry chain, the environmental protection industry chain composite gel). Wang Haibo led the team to gel after 19 years of unremitting efforts, in the polymer gel materials market to seize the initiative occupy the forefront. The company has more than 80 independent intellectual property rights, a major national achievement, three provincial and municipal major scientific and technological achievements, and ecological health in order to form a gel, gel-saving and environmental protection industry as the core application of two of the four series of more than 100 applications core products goods regulations. Product applications ranging from medical and pharmaceutical, cosmetic and household products fields, and energy-saving insulating cold preservation, sewage sludge treatment, such as artificial stone. August 2015, Zhuhai State-kai new materials and technologies in three new board successfully listed (Stock referred to as \”good new material\”), and in 2016 the first to enter innovation layer, the first round of private placement after three new board listed success financing of 60 million yuan, effectively promoted the development of the company, to become \”China shares gel first.\” August 2016, commissioned by the Zhuhai State-kai new material wholly-owned covers an area of ​​150 acres guojia new material industrial park in Hubei environmental protection gel; Zhejiang University Environmental Engineering Co., Ltd. was the successful acquisition of national good new material means to Zhuhai good for the country gel new material industrial base of national distribution headquarters officially opened. On the basis of preparation for many years, the country\’s best new material this year will choose the launch of the GEM Listing related work, hoping to force the A-share market capital, and promote the development of China\’s large industrial gel. As Wang Haibo Zhuhai Municipal CPPCC members said gel industry is in rapid development, two levels of government they want Zhuhai City, District set up a special fund industry, carry out special investment, create gel technology industry cluster in the Chinese city, Zhuhai\’s aerospace and new energy vehicles to provide special materials and equipment.